NO ONE has every “got” who I was quicker than Pat! Pat diagnosed my situation, worked with me to engineer my vision, turn it into a plan. We worked together for over 14 years and my business grew over 700% during that time.
- Mike Gionta, The Hudson Consulting Group/TheRecruiterU
What's the worst enemy attacking you right now?  Experience a free, no-obligations, 1-hour Live-fire Demo with The Consigliori, and see if you can’t knock out an enemy or two!  After all... Every Don Needs His Consigliori.

Live-fire Demo - Background Information
  Objective Data:    
  1. How many years have you been in business?  
  2a. Do you currently work a desk? Yes No
  2b. In either case, how many years have you been on/off a desk?  
  2c. If you work a desk, what is your specialty?  
  3. Please list your company's billing history, i.e., "2006: $300k, 2007: $250k, 2008: $400k".
  4. What were your total billings for the past 12 months?  
  5. What is your billings goal for the coming 12 months?  
  6. Do you employ Project Coordinators?   Yes No
  7. Does your company perform retained searches?   Yes No
  8a. Do you currently use any means to track your goals and metrics?   Yes No
  8b. If yes, please describe your system:  
  Subjective Data:    
  1. Thinking back over your career as a recruiter, what do you regret most?  Or, what is your greatest disappointment?  
  2. What success or achievement are you most proud of?   
  3. Considering the future of your career, what is your greatest threat or concern?  
  4. Contrarily, what opportunities are you most looking forward to?  
  5. Considering your current situation, what is the greatest problem or challenge you face?  
  6. What solutions have you considered putting in place or believe will yield beneficial results if implemented? 

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