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“Pasquale as a business and life coach knows no equal.  Within the executive search and related fields, he is brilliant in enhancing technique and use of technology, the philosophy of the business as well as enabling his clients to see more clearly than they have ever been able to do, their true path to success and fulfillment.  At the same time, through his interaction with his clients, he adds an invaluable dimension to their lives— they understand themselves and others with a clarity that in so many cases, has changed their lives.”

-Alan Schonberg, Chairman, WorldBridge Partners

“NO ONE has every “got” who I was quicker than Pat! Pat diagnosed my situation, worked with me to engineer my vision, turn it into a plan. We worked together for over 14 years and my business grew over 700% during that time! Pat also worked on my communication style, sales skills… He is the whole package! There is no investment I made in myself or my business that gave me a higher return on investment.”

-Mike Gionta, The Hudson Consulting Group / TheRecruiterU

“I can unabashedly endorse Pat’s capabilities in the placement business. As the best prepared and best read counselor, he has been without peer as an adviser to the best of the best. Most of whom were not in the top 1% when Pat took them on, but were within a year or two of his engagement. Pat’s track record of increasing profitability is unexcelled over the last 16 years or so. No one would be making a mistake to invest in Pat’s capabilities.”

Mark Rednick, Sales Consultants of Dallas

“I am delighted to recommend Pat wholeheartedly. His knowledge of the metrics required in our business are unexcelled, and he is relentless in his pursuit of excellence – both for himself and for his clients. His dedication to increasing his knowledge and educating his clients and challenging them to realize their own potential is amazing.”

Anita Rednick, Sales Consultants of Dallas

“Pat has been my executive coach and Consigliori for the past 6 years and his impact on my personal and professional life has been incredible. Pat really does care about people and that comes first and foremost in his relationships. Pat has the highest integrity and is always willing to go the extra mile in making sure that he has given his best effort. If you choose to work with Pat, you will be a richer person in heart, mind and soul.”

Karl Dinse, Management Recruiters of Sacramento

“It is quite easy for me to recommend Pasquale Scopelliti as a Business Consultant. I have said this for many years….”No other Business Consultant will care more about your business than Pasquale”. In fact, he may care more about it than you even do! His energy, passion and soul is in every piece of work he does as well as the marvelous articles he pens to support his teachings. Not only has he greatly improved my business over many years, he has the uncanny knack of reaching into the depths of one’s heart and soul and take you to places you never thought possible. The result is a personal life that I could never have imagined happen for me. He challenged and supported me to take on personal roadblocks in ways I would most likely had never even thought of. Straight from the heart, there is no one better to trust your businesses’ future to than Pasquale. He truly is “simply the best.”

-Jim Luzar, SC Brookfield

“Pat’s greatest value to our firm has been twofold. First, his creative out-of-the-box thinking has enabled us to develop several new ideas and approaches for recruiting that have brought invaluable results to our practice and our clients. Secondly, Pat constantly challenges us to new levels of performance. If you are wanting to go to the next level and are wanting to hire the best coach/consultant in the business, you will want to use Pat…but only if you are thick skinned. Why? If you fail at something, he forces you to look it in the eye and analyze it so that you learn. Something that is often hard to do…but that is what makes him so powerful. He doesn’t pull any punches. Pat’s coaching is both strategic and tactical. Very few consultants can effectively do both. What are your dreams? Where do you want to take your business? How are you going to accomplish it? What will be your process? How will you measure progress? Now, let’s execute, i.e. the tactics. I highly recommend Pat for anyone who wants to take their business beyond the ordinary.”

-Skip Freeman, The HTW Group

“I am relatively new to the The Consigliori’s world and I am amazed and eternally grateful for the profound impact Pat has had on my life in such a short time. Pat has uncanny insight into diagnosing and pulling out your hidden strengths, power and inner confidence. Partnering with Pat is not for the faint of heart – however, he is the absolute right choice for anyone who is looking to “dig deep” and take action to live up to their potential and beyond. To sum it up, Pat is a brilliant shining star in thought, mind, heart and spirit and admired and loved by all who have the opportunity to partner with him.”

-Mary Burback, SC Brookfield

“I have worked with Pat Scopelliti on and off since 2001/2002. He has not only been a career coach, he has been a mentor and friend and he’s been instrumental in making me understand the value of quantifying and tracking key activities – metrics if you will, that continually make executive recruiters successful. More to the point, I’ve found him to be extremely trustworthy and that is important given that so much of our performance is impacted by what happens to us in our personal life. I would highly recommend Pat Scopelliti to any executive, management or technical recruiter who needs coaching or mentoring, whether they want to admit it or not. I started working with Pat at the depths of the 2001/2002 recession and he remained my coach until 2004/2005. Yet to this day I have everyone in our office working from the Lock-On Report and it has been an invaluable tool to measure the success of me and our staff. Since 2004/2005 I have continued to turn to Pat as a mentor and confidant as events in my life have dictated. He has been there for me and for our office, and I would highly recommend his expertise in the recruiting industry, his outgoing and pleasant personality, his integrity, and his results. You’ll will benefit from his experience, insight and creativity.”

Eric Beebe, Management Recruiters of Gaithersburg

“I am happy to write this recommendation for Pasquale Scopelliti – aka “The Consigliori”. I have worked with Pat for approximately 5 years, during which time he has had a significantly positive impact on my work, my business and especially my life. I came to Pat at a financially desperate time; my business was crushed, as was my spirit. Pat has a way about him – part Samurai warrior, part Psychologist, part Coach and part “Kick in the Ass”!! I am a born cynic, so it took me a while to finally realize that Pat is the “real deal”, a truly intellectual, incredibly well read, perceptive, soulful individual that absolutely cares about his client’s well being in a holistic way. I am completely serious when I credit Pat with saving my business and my spirits and literally changing my life. So, allow me to give this recommendation – If you could use some improvement as a recruiter, manager, student, martial artist, human being or you are in your own “Mother of all Battles” – call “The Consigliori”. You absolutely want and need Pat fighting next to you.”

Gary Fruchtman, The Kent Group

“I have worked with Pat since 1996 and no client, candidate, AE or PC has been responsible for helping me put as much money in my pocket during this 13 year stretch as Pat Scopelliti.  Pat is a  true “performance coach” and his most recent Learning Module called “To Learn from the Day” is appropriate for both owners and account executives alike who are succeeding or struggling in today’s economic climate.  I have a personal connection with this article.  Pat was my performance coach when I billed $2 million dollars as a billing manager in route to a $4 million dollar billing year for our office and he was my performance coach when our office billed $4 million with me NOT in a billing capacity.    The economy being what it is, I have shifted gears yet again to improve profit margins given the difficult business climate and some purposeful turnover and I decided 2 quarters ago to get back on a desk.  My connection to Pat’s “Learn from the Day” is that I personally needed to get back up to a respectable billing level quickly, to get our profit back in the neighborhood that I am accustomed.  Yet unlike years gone by where my family obligations were not as significant as they are today I cannot dedicate 60 to 70 hours a week to the pursuit of these goals.   I have had to become more scientific and thoughtful about my desk approach while maintaining a quality of life that involves all the rigors of a 5 person family and more.  This module has been ultra helpful to me in revitalizing my desk.  I think about how many hours I wasted in days gone by because I did not have a more thoughtful approach to my day.  I recommend “Learn from the Day” to anyone who is serious about improving their billings or the billings of the people they manage.   If people can open their minds and are brave enough to look in the mirror, this module will help them no matter how good or bad their situation.  I am billing again.  I have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to bill, having been semi-retired from a desk for three years.   I hope everyone enjoys this “Power Hour” and gives serious consideration to the content.  Thanks for letting me share, Skip.”

-Paul Millard, The Millard Group, from a message sent to Skip Freeman, originally posted here


I am so very happy for you and Nico as you launched this great new web site AND your highly successful Power Hour with many MRI owners. This can only elevate you to the next level of your business consulting career. The MRI community has never needed your wise counsel more than now!

Your powerful words of inspiration inspire me on a daily basis as I read “The Tree of Life” in its beautiful frame along with your first poem “The Dragon Slayer”. I used both of those as a strong basis in meetings with Mary and Chad today and I do believe I hit a home run by doing so. You helped me immensely in the State Golf tournament last weekend by remembering what you taught me, “my opponent will teach me how to win”. When I won the National Seniors Racquetball tournament in July, your powerful thoughts on not being denied were the catalyst for me to rally when I was about to lose that final match. My life continues to evolve and grow in ways I never even thought of or considered until our paths crossed. Your daily readings support me and lift me when I have to have those tough family conversations as the Patriarch of my family.

I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you for your guidance and inspiration. Just knowing you do truly care about my business and me as a person sure does make me “be all that I can be” each and every day. That is all any man can ever ask for!

Truly wishing you all the very best,

Jim Luzar (aka Santiago), SC Brookfield, originally posted as a comment here

“I have worked with Pat Scopelliti for many years since the mid 90’s, and in several different engagements with varying purposes.  Pat is a personal trainer for owners and managers of recruiting organizations and was able to provide me the personal insight and guidance that led to many strong successes.  These insights transcend my business world, and have helped in more ways than I could express in all areas of my life.  His ability to help me understand my deepest, most basic strengths and weaknesses, and to build powerful management processes that fit them, gave me the roadmap I needed at a critical time in my company’s history.  As a result, in addition to our work, we’ve always kept close over the years, and Pat is more than a service provider to me, he is a friend, too.  He is a pleasure to work with and to learn from. Considering the challenges we face in running recruiting operations, I can’t too strongly recommend that you consider the growth and opportunities of working with Pat, as I have, if you wish to find that “more” that may be missing for you as it was for me.”

-Frank S. Black, Jr., Market Research Alliance, Inc.

“Pat Scopelliti is a skilled coach and mentor. Extraordinarily well read in eclectic topics of immense benefit to his clients, Pat offers an incredible breath of knowledge about human performance, goal achievement, and personal fulfillment. Pat challenges his clients to learn about themselves and equips his clients to convert these insights into profitable financial, personal and psychic reward. And, Pat offers to his clients a custom set of tools and a body of his own writing that assist in the development and achievement of goals and the attainment of functional mastery.. I highly recommend Pat Scopelliti.”

Jim Jacobs, Jacobs Executive Advisors

“Pat really gets involved in your business and cares about your results. He’s excellent at identifying issues that are holding you back and addressing those issues to take you forward.”

Linda Church, Management Recruiters of Raleigh

“Pasquale is not just a consultant; he is a scholar and business partner. His work inspires me on a daily basis at my office and at home. He has changed the way I think and lead my life. Thanks Pasquale!”

Brian Silver, The Kent Group

Hello Pat,

In thinking about what I’d like to share with others, about our work, there really can be no question that our teamwork approach to what we call Adaptive Reduction is the single thing I’d point at first.  I’ll give a bit of the story, and discuss the outcomes and where we’re at now, below.

In our ongoing work together, you and I of course saw the wave coming back in July of 08.  We didn’t know at that time the magnitude of the recession that was upon us, but that was irrelevant.  We knew we had to start taking positive, transformative steps to shore up the business. This would as well as absolutely should be done in any business cycle, good or bad.  By paying close attention to the Lock-On Report™, we were able to identify areas of concern in the performance of my AEs and lay down a challenge to them to enhance their performance.  We used this as an early indicator and, as a result, I have reduced staff in my business significantly as a positive adaptive response to the current market and the performance of my AEs.  Essentially, what happened was, together, you and I identified those AEs that were up to the challenge and those that were not and I then confidently removed those AEs not up for the challenge very early in the cycle.  I attribute the actions that we took starting back in July of 08 as the reason that we are still in business today.  If we had not recognized the coming downturn early, and started taking action when first recognized, we would have essentially “got caught with our pants down” and would have rapidly burned up the cash that was required to keep the business running through this transition in the economy.

The true learning from analyzing past 10 months is that the process and methods driving our adaptive reduction should not be reserved just for business or economic downturns.  These steps should also be used in bull markets to constantly maintain a high level of performance within the business.  Lackluster performance should not be tolerated in any business cycle.  If it is tolerated in bull markets, it will destroy the culture of your business and if it is tolerated in bear markets it will simply cause you to erode your cash position or close your doors.

In summary, we have successfully executed adaptive reduction in our business.  We now exist with a core team that will serve as the bedrock for building our business and establishing the culture for growth that we will require to achieve the success that we desire.  I would also like to point out that the process has been very positive and stimulating for those that remain in the business.  They respect the steps that were taken to get the business back on solid footing.

I would like to thank you for providing the tools to analyze my business and my AEs.  And also for your help and support in teaching me the methods that both I and my AEs needed, so we can now build and grow our business even in today’s hugely challenging environment.  I would also like to thank you for being there with me in partnership through every step of the process.  Please notice above that I wrote “we didn’t get caught with our pants down”. The “we” truly includes you.

All the best my friend,

John Broderick, CSM, Managing Partner
WorldBridge Partners

Sent to the MRI Owner/Manager Discussion List
Dear fellow MRI Managers/Owners:

You may recall, a while back, Jim Luzar posted a message on “Manager Chat” recommending Pat Scopelliti as a recruiting coach who can help you to improve your numbers, improve your cash-in, and improve your life. To paraphrase Jim’s words, “Pat may in fact be the only person who cares more about your business than YOU do”. This posting changed my life, because I called Pat and started a business/recruiting consulting relationship with him. It takes time to “un-learn” bad habits, but Pat will help you make it happen. I know, because he has done so with me.

In all of 2007 I made 5 placements and billed an embarrassing dollar figure for the year.

In the first six months of 2008 I have made 8 placements including 2 retainers. In just 6 months this year (YTD) I have already billed more than TWICE as much as I billed in all of 2007.

I know, we are the people who get it done, but I could not have turned the corner and achieved this turnaround without Pat’s help. Pat has a structured approach, based on numbers, goals, and daily, weekly, and quarterly accountability. He meets with you by phone periodically, to discuss where you “are”, and what you need to do to “get where you want to be”.

I cannot guarantee your success, but if you want to improve your business and your life in general, please call Pat Scopelliti at 301-414-0266. If Pat is in a consulting session you can leave a message and he will call you back.

Feel free to call me if you need any more information.

Gary Gardiner
Management Recruiters of Chagrin Falls, OH.