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Mission Statement

Recruiting is the most important business activity in the world.  There is no business strategy without human beings to create and execute that strategy.  There are  no optimized strategies without an optimized relationship between the performers of the strategy and the strategy itself.  But let’s say this more simply.  If you’re the captain of any team and it’s your job to pick the players, you automatically know — no matter how young you are — that getting the best players is the most  important thing.

That’s why recruiting is the most important business activity.  While we’d like the world to know this, and when it does that will be great, the most  important people who need to understand this are recruiters.  This manifesto’s purpose is to help each recruiter realize and empower his inner hero as a player on the field of business.  Beyond knowing that recruiting is the most important business activity, you must learn how to become far  more than just good at your craft.  You must be great.  Greatness for you, will be far more difficult than for the normal player on the field of business.  You’ll face far  more  ignorance and opposition, you’ll be confronted by greater treachery and foolishness, and when you find good partners and succeed in serving them, the victory will be theirs and not yours.  If you’re a recruiter at all, you already know the rewards of the game.  This manifesto will absolutely help you improve and increase your rewards.  But, be clear, that is the least of our objectives.

Here, you’ll be goaded to construct both the theory and the practice of your greatness and to convert your mastery into a flawless diamond, one you can protect and one whose value you can grow  as long as you recruit.

The Recruiting Manifesto is published every Monday through Thursday morning, except holidays.