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Category Archives: You Are God

2 Miles Per Hour: the speed that can save your life.

The most powerful, hidden-in-plain-view cause of early death is motion starvation.  And the cure to motion starvation is simply to walk precisely at, or maybe a tiny smidgen gently faster, than 2 MPH.  That’s it.   Before we talk about the ratio that can save your life, let’s give some respect to the guy who […]

But… what if you’re an atheist like me?

Why, oh why oh why, should you CARE about being God or Satan when you don’t believe in either? To answer that question, I kind of have to share my most basic spiritual theory.  Here it is, in a single statement: There is no literal God, he doesn’t exist.  Rather, there is only a projected […]

Lucifer Within

Before Satan was Lucifer. And before Lucifer was God the Creator. No way round it. If Satan lives, he lived inside God’s soul, first. If we’re going to see our own divinity, and the creative power of our dream, our dreaming, our power to construct the world…we’re going to come face to face with our […]

You Are God: Your Dream Creates The World

We start out with a basic model and point forward to the coming creation of some much-needed definitions. 1. Pre-play: Before you do anything, you run a type of mini-training film in your mind.  And when I say anything, I really mean that.  If you’re doing something, your mind played the video of it first, […]