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Category Archives: Working with The Switch

What if you don’t know what your dream is?

In this short series, we’ll look only at the first challenge, and that’s the right place to begin: 1. The first challenge you must meet is to Know your dream. If you try to comply with this challenge, you might find – as many have – that you simply do not know what your dream […]

Proof and Theory: Postlude – Symbolic vs. Literal Time Frames

As an afterthought, it just dawned upon me that in this little series I’ve been discussing Proof and Theory over a very literal time frame, that of one actual day, so far.  The Five Sunrise Questions are purposefully designed to be asked and answered at the beginning of the day, every day. This literal practice […]

Five Sunset Questions of The Switch

1. Did you exercise ALL of your Might? 2. Did you Win or Lose? 3. What Lessons wait for your Discovery? 4. What will you do Differently or Better tomorrow? 5. What New or Deepened Truth or Doctrine from today must be forever Retained?

AM Algorithms for Head, Heart, Soul and Might

Yesterday I promised to talk about the art of programming one’s inner guidance system in the morning.  The place to start is with the word “program” and the first idea we need there is Algorithm. Most normal people have no idea what one is, though most of heard the term and had to pretend they […]

You’ve got to be kidding, analyze my nightmares in the morning? You must be crazy!

Most certainly.  Yes, I’m a bit tilted.  But, even more certainly, you must discover whether or not you’re under the evil spell of a mighty, and mightily hidden, nightmare.  And most certainly again, you must do so in the morning…before it’s too late to do anything about it today. Grant me a visual analogy on […]

I’ll have Bacon and Eggs, and a Side of Theory, Please, This Morning

Reviewing the work of our hero Sir Karl Popper: Theory = Guess, Conjecture, Inclination, Wish, Whim, Hope, Prayer, Instinct or other such with the Intent of Solving an Interesting Problem Alongside our breakfast food each day, there are five potential theories begging for work.  They each arise from a negative answer to our Sunrise Questions.  […]

I’ll Have Some Proof, Please, To Go With My Morning Coffee

When you hear the word Meditation what does it make you think of?  Does it remind of you of Asian Monks or Martial Arts?  If so, you need to revamp your inner connotation. All it really means is deep thought.  Sure, you can think so deeply that all thought disappears, but that’s normal, believe it […]

Proof vs. Theory: Our Context is The Switch

As you’ve likely intuited, my own experience coaching people through the process of creating Proofs and Theories leads me to believe that their common sense, natural power is often inhibited.  The primary context for this is, as today’s post title indicates, The Switch.  What I’ve found is that when people attempt to work on the […]

Proof – OR – Theory?

Go again.  What is a Proof?  Remember!  It is ANY OLD THING that makes you think something is correct.  How do you demonstrate you’re right about something?  Or, to use Euclid’s absolute most favorite form, how do you prove that something is wrong, making it kind of likely that the opposite is correct?  Can you […]

Playing With Theory

What was your introduction to theory?  No, not the theory of this or that, but the very idea of theory itself?  Let’s play with a few more elements in asking our question: How did you learn to create, play with, test, improve, reject and replace theories? Where did you learn to germinate a new theory, […]