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Jim Luzar’s dream for MRI

In yesterday’s Newsletter (click here to sign up) I released the first edition of a free new series called “Profiles of Success”, where I will profile the stories of how top recruiters rose to the top of the field. The first profile was on Jim Luzar.  In the profile, Jim shared that he believes that […]

What is Recruiting Kabbalah?

Since I’m not a Jew, I’m in no way formally qualified to ask and answer that question.  I’m also not a medieval scholar, nor in any way a proper student of either mysticism or Jewish belief.  I don’t know Hebrew and can only read translations, not the original texts.  I do know something about these […]

Finding your dream, pt. 3: “Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming”

Now this book is simply no easy read.  And, what if you’ve never heard of the Kabbalah before, let alone have any idea what it is?  In case you would like to know, Kabbalah is a medieval branch of mystical Judaism that has recently—mostly in the decades since the Holocaust—begun to speak to a broader […]

Finding your dream, pt. 2: “The Alchemist”

Have you ever felt the touch a person so powerful, yet so loving, that it was an unquestionably magical encounter?  Have you ever felt as lost in life as can be, yet known that there were signs and signals all around, pointing you in the right direction if only you could note them and respond […]

Jack Nicklaus goes to the movies

In today’s teleconference, my friend Ron Ellis mentioned Jack Nicklaus, which led us straight to the scientific foundation of the practice of visualization.   The psychological and sports training roots date back at least to the 1960’s and the Apollo Moon Project.  Of course the practice of visualization itself has ancient roots we didn’t discuss, […]