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It’s A Lie

It isn’t difficult. It’s completely and Perfectly Easy. No, you won’t Believe me, But that’s okay, I hardly believe myself. Classical Guitar is Easy. That it’s difficult

Guitar Applied to Tactical Recruiting

My favorite moment in practice – and I really Do mean My very most favorite Moment – Is when Seth, my wind up, 1930’s metronome, Winds down. To my count Seth requires Either eleven or twelve Turns of his winder (or would that be his crank?). I have no idea How many swings of His […]

History Backwards Part 2

If you want to step backward through time Cautiously, You can. Go back to someone who Lived while you Have lived, First. Then, discover his teacher. And his teacher before. This student was begotten by That teacher,

History Backwards Part 1

I was taught In the modern mode. I crashed and burned. And when I say crashed, Think Airplanes Falling From the heavens. And when I say burned, Think the Chicago fire and Mrs. O’Leary. Don’t forget Bess – I think that was her cow’s name – Who kicked over the lamp

Here’s Something New…

First, I never canceled a performance before, How about that? But I did this past weekend, Because I’m learning how To be Kind To Myself. I was practicing in the morning And I sounded Wonderful. I’ve made so much progress. But, And this shocked me, I could feel no joy in my body Or in […]

I Made It Through

Energy does return. It might take its time, But it comes back. Slowly at first, Intermittent spurts Appear for mere Moments And disappear Almost comfortingly As the state of exhaustion has become The temporary New normal. I stand up slowly.

I Never Ga’d Or Goo’d

I’m told, I am, That I never ga’d or goo’d When I was learning to speak. I’m told that my first words Came out well formed and Properly pronounced With the inexplicable exception That I thuffered a tremendouth lithp. Growing up outside the great metropolis of Chicago (Which is obviously my kind of town, it […]

Have All The Stones Been Turned?

It is still tonight, Just barely. The morning light will Soon begin. Happy, however, Sleep evades me. Why? Why, and why again? Is there a stone yet left unturned? I am not quite certain. I don’t think so, But thinking, Thinking is not, Thinking is the opposite of The answer. Oh no, I must know. […]

Today, I Weep Alone

Surrounded by love, support and friendship, Rich in life’s treasures beyond my wildest imaginings, Still today, I weep alone. I must. Those who love and support me Do not need or deserve To see or suffer The sorrow still there. Why do I weep, Why still? I weep for what I lost. Yes. I weep […]

Dragon Slayer

Strength for truth; Truth for might; Power for righteousness; Indignation for awakening; Commitment for action; Word above all. 1 Honor begins At the moment of Honesty. When word is action All is right. When action falters And word fails, All is not right. I see the ideal And commit. I know the real And I […]