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Category Archives: Pasquale’s Guitar Dream

Today’s Fractured Myth

If I were Zeus, I’d be tempted almost beyond my power of self-control to strike Yngwie dead with one of my bolts, for the affront to my Zeus-periority that he plays thusly.  Wise, though, from all the times things haven’t worked out well when I attempted such enforcements previously – why oh why must mankind […]

Introducing The Hours of the Keys, and their Chords (actually just the triads and inversions…whatever those are…)

So, how many keys are there in modern Western music theory? Depending on how you count, or spell, the answer is either 12 or 15. I prefer the answer 12. The reason it’s not easy to be sure is a complicated thing called “enharmonic spelling.” Which is to say… you don’t want to know right […]

Why Do I Suck So Much In The Morning

Why Do I Suck So Much In The Morning, That is, until I don’t? Maybe It’s because I never Let myself Do simple things Simply. Never isn’t quite right. It’s an awfully long time, never is. And it’s not true about me, either. I do let myself Do

As Simple As

Thinking Breathing Falling asleep Dreaming

Lessons From Exhaustion Part 2 – Beautiful Notes

I can hope, can’t I? That is, I hope there’ll be no Part 3, but we’ll have to wait and see. Video recordings are simply amazing things. I feared I wouldn’t be able to tolerate myself watching my live performance videos but shockingly, I can. And not with zero pride, either. Hell, I’m proud of […]

Lessons From Exhaustion

So why am I so exhausted?  I completed my second live performance in 36 years on February 11, 2016 (the first was January 10, 2016).  The event was a celebration of an incredible 101 year old gal who passed away in December. For just a tad of context, even in my youth, I never carried […]

1st Carulli Practice

My new office is not “appointed” yet, but the basics for daily practice with Lynette are now in place. On that note… The first important point of today’s report is that Nico Scopelliti is a genius.  We’re executing our move-in in comfortable stages due to his brilliant plan, and I can’t thank him strongly enough.  […]

In Praise of Guitar Perfection (we’ll look at Recruiting Perfection next time!)

First thing, and you really must, you just have to watch this video.  I’ll pick up with some response to it below… Let’s talk about these three stars.  The performer – and how much more perfect can you get? – is a young man named Matheus Canteri.  The next star is the guitar he’s playing […]

Bach FOR All Those Who Dream

Yesterday we discussed Bach FOR Recruiters.  Of course, even recruiters have other parts of their lives, not just work.  And, for the rest of the readers of this newsletter, we need to consider how my dream of playing Bach as well as possible applies to you, too. Here again is my most recent video.  Do […]

Bach FOR Recruiters (and others who have dreams too!)

Although it feels like it took all 41 years since I got started, the truth is this little classical guitar video was really only 11 months in the making, and is my 3rd. I do hope you enjoy it! I am, in fact, rather proud to be able to share it with you.  I feel, […]