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Old-timer Series: How to add a LinkedIn profile badge to your Outlook email signature

Mary Burback asked a great question in her comment on my father’s post below, ” There are NO new words left, anymore… :’-(” How can you add a LinkedIn profile badge like this… …to your Outlook email signature so that everyone who receives an email from you sees the badge? It’s a little complicated, but […]

Introducing the “Old-timer Series”

Hey there, Nico here!  My father and I just decided to start a series of posts on the Recruiting Manifesto here. If you’re not comfortable reading and interacting with blogs or not too sure about social networking tools and other technology, the posts in the new “Old-timer Series” will be just for you. First, a […]

Old-timer Series: There are NO new words left, anymore… :’-(

Before I talk about the impossibility of inventing new words, allow me to map out just a bit of context.  So, first thing, whenever you’re here, do you bop around and check out the little widgets and links and whatnot?  Here’s one, for instance, that you might have seen down on the lower right hand […]