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Category Archives: Notes on Liechtenauer

Notes on Liechtenauer #59

The Crooked Cut should be done quickly, Landing the point to the hands. Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 – translated by Robert Koulakjian At essence, we really do end up with the same counsel by any translator, because it is the essence that is coming through – to the degree we succeed in studying the counsel […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #58

“When it hits above, do not advance further. Instead of doing the crooked cut, shorten it, changing through with it.” Johannes Liechtenauer by way of Robert Koulakjian Good Robert, I’ll compose my comments a bit later. My hope, though, is to get once more just a bit more input/guidance from you, first. Here’s my technical […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #57

Today’s Johannes Liechtenauer studies will be brought to us by Robert Koulakjian, whose fine translation of the Crooked Cut section follows below! First, here is the passage exactly as Robert Translated it: “The crooked cut should be done quickly, landing the point to the hands. The crooked cut is good against those who are good […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #56

“When it comes from above stand back, this I shall praise.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 This may be the greatest defensive counsel in history. I’m not sure if it implies that standing back is not so effective when it – the attack – comes from below. My guess is that it is just as effective, […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #55

“Cut crookedly against the flat side of the masters, if you want to weaken them.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 Usually, I really am happy to be dependent upon my translators. But underneath, there is certainly a pain involved, many of you feel it. Don’t you want to know everything? Don’t you want to speak all […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #54

This is on the Crooked Cut (Krumphau) “Strike the Crooked Cut deftly, cast the point towards the hands. He who uses the Crooked Cut well with a step, he is able to defend against cuts.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 So let’s go there! The only defense is…NOT…a good offense. Defense is wonderful. It is a […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #53

“Strike not by chance, Look even how he behaves / initiates. If you have understood this, he can hardly come to blows.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 There is a law of defense. Your body will do it, even if your mind doesn’t want you to do so. You can test this in any social context […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #52

“Wit the four openings – Foe has eight, thus you surely hit.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 What are the openings? We’ve discussed their shape and timing, and the fact that any and all attacks guarantee that the attacker is creating an opening, where he can be struck. But, where are they…precisely? Throughout the entire history […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #51

“He who strikes widely around, he will often become seriously shamed. Always cut and thrust at the closest openings.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 If you recall (I had to check) we have been taught not to fight to the sword before, but to the openings. Today is our 3rd version of this lesson currently. And, […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #50

“If you hit or miss, always search for the openings, in all teachings turn the point to the openings.” Johannes Liechtenauer – 1389 Yes, our master is repeating and driving home his message about the openings, today, yet again. He even says it twice in today’s lesson and you won’t be surprised to hear about […]