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The Conversation – Navigating Today’s Amazing Conversation

In the past, groups met in rooms.  There were parties, too, and those were wonderful.  Meals and seminars, conferences and concerts.  Inside houses and buildings of brick and mortar, people met, congregated and got to know each other, a little.  Friendships were sparked in potential, but then, to actually be friends other things had to […]

White Belt Recruiting

Instead of my regularly scheduled blog post, today I’d like to link you to the most recent issue of the Recruiting Tactics & Strategy Report that went out today. If you missed it, subscribe and get each new issue delivered free to your inbox! Click here for the most recent issue: White Belt Recruiting You […]

Introducing: “The Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting” Series

In this new series, we’ll romp through history, rediscover the very founding and creation of our industry, discuss economics and the actual value of recruiting (why are some companies so smart to work with you and some so dumb to reject the use of independent, 3rd party recruiters?), we’ll travel into the future and boldly […]

Introducing, “The Cornerstones of Business Excellence” Series

I’ve discovered that there are four principles upon which business excellence rests. Bold Vision Relentless Execution Penetrating Analysis Reinvention, and Repeat In the following posts, we’ll explore each of these four in many different ways.  We’ll look at each term, individually.  We’ll put them back together and consider where they lead us.  And, we will […]

To “Recruiting Firm Owners Summit” Attendees:

Thank you so much for listening in to my session today. If you’d like to learn more about me, you can do so by reading my posts here at this blog and you can also go to my homepage, Also, I’d like to offer you a FREE copy of my Recruiting Success White-Paper, called […]

Decision 2010

If you’re ready to make the best possible decisions for your practice and want to start building the placement business you deserve, send an email to… …and we’ll discuss the Decisions you face in 2010 to make that happen! Is it time to invest in your future and receive the extraordinary guidance and counsel […]

Share your Baby 2010’s name here!

In my most recent issue of the Recruiting Tactics & Strategy Report, I compared 2009 to a vile, nasty old man we’ll be better off without, entirely unlike what you see in the picture. Thankfully, he’s on his way out.  But what do we do now? What we must do is put all of our […]

My New Website & Video

In addition to the new article, I’ve also completely redone my website and recorded a video introduction.  I think you’re going to really like the simple and elegant layout.  Click the screenshot below to go directly to… Our advance testers have given us the highest marks on the look and feel, and the biggest […]

Introducing the “Old-timer Series”

Hey there, Nico here!  My father and I just decided to start a series of posts on the Recruiting Manifesto here. If you’re not comfortable reading and interacting with blogs or not too sure about social networking tools and other technology, the posts in the new “Old-timer Series” will be just for you. First, a […]

Pics from the MRI Global Workshop

Here are some pictures from global of friends and me.  Thanks to Seamus Kelleher, MRI’s VP of Marketing and Communications.