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Our Utterly Unique Approach to the Recruiting Practice

    My name is Pasquale Scopelliti and we have entered a new world with a brand new video blog, as well as a series of videos we are going to be doing. This is the first one. Today I’m going to talk about “The Switch,” a wonderful booklet of information that you can find […]

E Pluribus Unum

As I usually do, I’ve been meditating about our American holiday today, Independence Day, and would like to offer a few thoughts. Let’s start with an early motto of ours, E Pluribus Unum; Out of Many, One. The math of this motto arises from 13 previously very separate colonies, all of whom rebelled against their […]

Remembering Mark – Part 2

Today we’ll pick up where we left off, and I’ll attempt to share how Mark and I applied these diseases and their cures to the Zen Art of Selling. As a team of coaches working to serve his people, Mark and I never found a more powerful instrument than the diseases of swordsmanship.  If you […]

Remembering Mark – Part 1 of 2

Last week we lost a great one.  It’s impossible to begin to measure the impact and reach, the influence and benefit of Mark Rednick’s contribution.  That is of course true across what may well be the longest span of work in the recruiting industry to date.  As I recall, Mark purchased the 12th franchise in […]

My First Classical Guitar Video

…and here it is! Please leave any thoughts or feedback you may have in the comments below. Thank you for watching!!

Countdown to My 1st Ever Classical Guitar Video: 2 days!

Hello Friends! If you’ve been following along with my “Carulli’s Blessing” series, then you know that going into 2014 I promised that by the end of January I would post my very first Classical Guitar video. Well it’s going to be recorded on Wednesday 1/29 meaning I’ve got two days left to prepare. Wish me […]

The Godfather Switch for Recruiters – Handout

I’m speaking today at Mike Gionta’s Recruiting Firm Owner Summit. In order to follow today’s discussion, your first step is to contemplate the seven steps of The Switch: 1.   Know your dream. 2.   Boldly awaken. 3.   Envision your victory. 4.   Express your word; exercise your might. 5.   Appraise the day. 6.   Embrace a new way. […]

CONGRATULATIONS to Brian Kevin Johnston on the MOST popular article of the Year!

From the Fordyce Letter… “The Best of The Fordyce Letter 2011, #1 — I “FIRED” My Candidate…and Still Closed $27k Editor’s note: Brian Kevin Johnston’s article was the most popular article on The Fordyce Letter in 2011. It originally ran in March. I “fired” a candidate during the interview/offer process, and I am 100% convinced […]

Excerpts from Thinking Mathematically

The excerpts you can find here make up one of the most powerful lessons you will find here at this blog.  The reason they are being posted is in connection to my current series, Your Daily Recruiting Journal.  It is one of the greatest failures of education today that most who read the following excerpts will […]

From Transactions to Key Account Mastery

Last week I had the great opportunity to present my first webinar to Charlotte Byndas’ wonderful group at the Career Agents Network.  By the way, do check them out: The webinar was a blast, but the most interesting thing for me was the fantastic caliber of the interaction.  Charlotte asked three of her members […]