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Category Archives: Inspiration

The St. Crispin’s Day Speech

The St. Crispin’s Day Speech is a famous motivational speech from the play, delivered by Henry V before the Battle of Agincourt (act IV scene iii). What’s he that wishes so? My cousin Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin: If we are mark’d to die, we are enow To do our country loss; and if to […]

Share your Baby 2010’s name here!

In my most recent issue of the Recruiting Tactics & Strategy Report, I compared 2009 to a vile, nasty old man we’ll be better off without, entirely unlike what you see in the picture. Thankfully, he’s on his way out.  But what do we do now? What we must do is put all of our […]

Christmas Awakening

In my new white-paper, The Switch, I teach Recruiters how to flip the switch from ineffective, boring, or nonproducing work to meaningful, satisfying, and success-generating performance. There are seven challenges you must meet in order to accomplish this.  I’d like to share a little story from my family’s Christmas morning that wonderfully illustrates how the […]

An extraordinary mission statement

The photos below are from the façade of the old postal building, now the site of the Smithsonian Institute’s Postal Museum.  This wonderful building is also the site of one of Washington DC’s best brewery/restaurants, Capitol City Brewery.  It’s awfully tempting to discuss this mission statement in depth, and also to apply it to today’s […]

What will I win today?

I wrote the poem below, just yesterday morning.  It is only the third poem I’ve written in my adult life, so don’t be too critical…well, okay, I wouldn’t post it here if I wasn’t ready for some heat.  So, critique away and do take the gloves off if you desire, sincerely. I have sent it […]

Jim Luzar’s dream for MRI

In yesterday’s Newsletter (click here to sign up) I released the first edition of a free new series called “Profiles of Success”, where I will profile the stories of how top recruiters rose to the top of the field. The first profile was on Jim Luzar.  In the profile, Jim shared that he believes that […]

Gary’s dream dominates his daily work

Gary Fruchtman says: If powerful dreams give us the incentive for our daily action, then this picture is cool, right? The Moon dominates the sun… Thanks to Gary for sending in this picture!  I don’t  know whom to attribute the picture to, but if it’s yours or you know where it’s from, send me an […]

Jack Nicklaus goes to the movies

In today’s teleconference, my friend Ron Ellis mentioned Jack Nicklaus, which led us straight to the scientific foundation of the practice of visualization.   The psychological and sports training roots date back at least to the 1960’s and the Apollo Moon Project.  Of course the practice of visualization itself has ancient roots we didn’t discuss, […]