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Category Archives: Encounters with your Coach

Encounters with your Coach, Conclusion

Hello Good Readers, As you know, I recently concluded the Revolutionary Fundamentals of Recruiting, morphing those explorations into my new series, “What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?” This series is much shorter, but I’ve decided to do the same thing here, too. I will happily leave this thread open, in case you have thoughts, […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 13 of a Continuing Series

4. Transformation that Breaks Today’s Limits Which limit would you like to break? Do you work out, and do you have any athletic goals? I love to preach that business performance is an athletic endeavor! There are always obviously financial goals to consider. How much money did you make last year; last quarter; last month? […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 12 of a Continuing Series

3. Hard-Fought and Hard-Won Progress I wish I could sell easy. I try to sell fast, but since I never know if we can actually deliver that or not, I’m always careful about that so-tempting promise! Sometimes, I really do get to sell natural, organic, the next step that is just waiting to be taken, […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 11 of a Continuing Series

If we fight this hard for insight, of course we’d have to expect that the answers that result will not be easy to accept, right? It is just simple logic. What if, though, we drop the coaching focus and look at the answers, themselves? My friend John’s greatest hero is Albert Einstein. This is my […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 10 of a Continuing Series

As you’ve realized, the sequence of cycling through a set of stages is very important to me. Today and next week, we’ll consider our four stages of the coaching encounter again, but with a very different angle of attack than we’ve done so far. Here is this week’s sequence: 1. Shocking Insight 2. Difficult-to-Accept Answers […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 9 of a Continuing Series

What if I told you I was lying? What if I told you that what I really love, and believe in, and teach, and live for is instantaneous total, massive transformation? Likely, you’d think I really am a liar and you shouldn’t believe me any more now than you should have before! If so, I’d […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 8 of a Continuing Series

If you could have huge progress right now, all at once – but you’d suffer the risk of losing it – or, tiny progress in the smallest bits possible – but you’re guaranteed to keep the progress – which would you prefer? You obviously know the answer I’m selling; it’s the small progress, hands down, […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 7 of a Continuing Series

What is a small-but-clear answer? As a long-winded, verbose soul, I’m likely the least qualified – or maybe the most! – to discuss small answers. One parameter is surely word count. So, small and short can be connected. Brevity is the soul of wit, right? Another aspect of a small answer is the number of […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 6 of a Continuing Series

Now that we’ve made our way through our first pass, can you feel the progressive flow amongst our four stages of encounter? For our next step, we’re going to tighten our view. We’ll be using one of my favorite forms of analysis, called Atomic Unit Analysis (AUA). In AUA we look for the very smallest […]

Encounters with your Coach, Part 5 of a Continuing Series

From insight to answers, and answers to progress, we now arrive at… Transformation. Everyone knows that most everyone resists change. Yet, we all want more. More profit, more sales volume, better performance, more time off, more effective results from the time we work, and the list goes on and on (and thank goodness it does!). […]