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My Greatest Work – The Great Debate Part 2




Today we’re back with the second part our debate. My punk kid is challenging my proof, so I share my wisdom with him in return. Below, you’ll find the points we debate in the video, as well as the work in its entirety on a separate post.

How your goals prove that you care…or that you don’t!

5. As one day’s failure is followed by another, we must care more, and work more to correct so that the week’s goal can be hit.

Care About: Investing more and more, as failures mount.

6. We must care about the force, effectiveness, intelligence, accuracy, proficiency and practice of planning, and learn how to enhance our planning during any given week, as our percentages fall off, so as to correct for them. And…

Care About: Planning as the ultimate tool of performance correction.

7. We must care about the intensity, the rising intensity of our dedication, commitment, focus, sacrifice, endeavor and just plain hard work, harder and harder work, until we learn how to hit our daily goals as predictable minimums and not randomly.

Care About: The harder and harder work to ensure that planning converts to and succeeds in execution.

8. The word for this is…FLOOR. Our daily goals must become a type of floor beneath which we do not drop, so that our weekly goal can also become a completely predictable minimum. If you learn how to do that, how to make your weekly goal a floor, then no one will ever be able to accuse you of NOT caring! Least of all…YOURSELF.

Care About: Goals as, ultimately, a 100% accurate prediction of performance as a Floor.

To read all 10 points, go here.


Here’s an outline of what we talked about, with timestamps so you can skip ahead or rewatch any sections:

1:12-Caring about the cumulative percentage puts each day into relationship with the weekly goal.

2:00– Preparation is necessary: Force, effectiveness, intelligence, accuracy, proficiency, and practice of planning.

4:44– Caring about the rising intensity of our dedication, commitment, focus, sacrifice, endeavor, and hard work.

8:15– Any goal that you hit as a predictable minimum is a goal you actually care about. In other words, a real goal.

Stay tuned for part three of this series. If you have any questions about this or other topics, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Hope to hear from you soon.

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