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Debating My Greatest Work With My Punk Kid




We’re here today with the proof of numerical caring, which I consider the greatest work I’ve ever done. It’s going to need a better name, but we’ll get to that eventually. We’re going through the first four points on the list today for part one. If you’d like to read the first four points of Pasquale’s proof, here they are…

To read the proof in its entirety, go here.

How your goals prove that you care…or that you don’t!

1. We must care, each day, whether or not we hit our numerical goal for that day as a binary minimum. Binary? At or above = success; beneath = failure.

Care About: The day itself, alone.

2. We must care, each day, about the impact of hitting or missing today’s goal as it relates to the entire week’s numerical goal also as a binary minimum.

Care About: The impact of one day’s outcome as it affects the week’s performance.

3. We must care about the week’s goal, all the way to the point where we’ll correct our behavior so as to hit it.

Care About: The week itself.

4. We must most especially care as the cumulative percent of goal begins to predict failure for the week. This means that…

Care About: Cumulative days’ impact when predicting the week’s failure.


Here’s an outline of what we talked about, with timestamps so you can skip ahead or rewatch any sections:

1:10-Why your goals must be binary in order to achieve mastery

4:45– The impact that your daily goals have on your weekly goals and vice versa

8:15– Why setting consistent weekly goals is the key, no matter what your numbers are

12:45– The key to bringing a sense of urgency in hitting your weekly goals and how it relates to prolonged success

We’ll be back soon with part two. Until then, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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