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The Missing Key Revealed




If your work is starting to feel like you’re pushing a rock up a hill only to watch it roll back down, don’t despair. We’ve got a tried-and-true solution to beating the drudgery. But making each and every day feel worthwhile will take hard work and discipline.

Here’s a summary of today’s discussion on this subject with timestamps so that you can skip ahead to any part that particularly interests you.

1:10– How we build our database and produce these videos, and how you can, too.

2:43– Why does daily drudgery happen?

4:09– The solution to getting rid of daily drudgery.

5:45– How to refine your focus.

8:12– How to make meaning and develop daily goals.

The numbers couldn’t be simpler. Each day represents 20% of the week’s available time for effort toward the goal. While you’d think that anyone could do the math, that’s not an accurate assumption. So…

First, here’s an example:

Monday: 4
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 4
Friday: 4
Week: 20

Second example, in actual percentages:

Monday: 20%
Tuesday: 20%
Wednesday: 20%
Thursday: 20%
Friday: 20%
Week: 100%

Third example, getting ahead of the curve – or – BUFFERING!

Monday: 30%
Tuesday: 30%
Wednesday: 20%
Thursday: 20%
Friday: 0%
Week: 100%

11:25– How can you be sure that daily and weekly goals will make a difference?

13:51– The importance of caring.

There is, however, something very strange that arises from these simple numbers. The topic is caring. The question is, how does one care about a number? And the required solution takes the form of the following proof. What is a proof, and who cares anyway? No matter, and no worries. What follows is a proof and you should care. So there…

The Proof of Numerical Caring, that is, caring about a Single Goal isolated as a Number:

1. We must care, each day, whether or not we hit our numerical goal for that day.

2. We must care, each day, about the impact of hitting or missing today’s goal as it relates to the entire week’s numerical goal.

3. We must care about the week’s goal, all the way to the point where we’ll correct our behavior so as to hit it.

4. We must most especially care as the cumulative percent of goal begins to predict failure for the week. This means that…

5. As one day’s failure is followed by another, we must care more, and work more to correct so that the week’s goal can be hit.

All of which leads to three other forms of caring…

6. We must care about the force, effectiveness, intelligence, accuracy, proficiency and practice of planning, and learn how to enhance our planning during any given week, as our percentages fall off, so as to correct for them. And…

7. We must care about the intensity, the rising intensity of our dedication, commitment, focus, sacrifice, endeavor and just plain hard work, harder and harder work, until we learn how to hit our daily goals as a steady floor and not randomly.

8. The word for this is…FLOOR. Our weekly goal must become a floor, a floor beneath which we do not drop. Ever. If you learn how to do that, no one will ever be able to accuse you of NOT caring! Least of all…YOURSELF.


16:45– How to approach the marketing side of things.

18:15– Making job order leads a real connection.

18:28– Defining a successful day.

19:30– How to plan using a daily percent of a weekly goal.

21:17– Staying invested and motivated to beat daily drudgery.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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