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The Goldilocks Principle: Part 5



The ‘too cold, too hot, just right’ principle also applies to your sales calls to hiring managers. We have to be strategic in thinking about the company they work for, the department, and its performance. When we use the Goldilocks Principle for your recruiting calls, it’s the career benefit that the potential candidate gets from the encounter with you. With a sales call, there has to be a value that you create for the entity.

You have to be able to map out all the companies in the universe of your specialty so that the more you get to know about them, the more powerful you move through your industry. Even if you’re not going to make a placement with this company, you’re on a need to know basis. When you call and get to know someone in a sales endeavor, the strategic value is the positioning you have in the market space as somebody who really knows what’s going on. This relates directly to the universe of candidates that we call your strategic talent farm. You need to have a strategic marketplace.

When you make those calls, you still have the same kind of structure, it will just work out in a slightly different manner. In this case, the one I like this most is, ‘too nice, too mean, or just right.’

From my point of view, you can know before you even make a call. Many companies have employees they should fire—they are always carrying a talent load that is actually destructive, be it to the bottom line, to company/division morale, or leadership. It’s impossible for there not to be, because people are simply nice. Not to mention laws and modern cultural values.

The ‘too nice’ people never fire anyone and, worse than that, they always accept excuses. They feel guilty or passive, and they don’t move the company forward. Understand that in talking to the ‘too nice’ people doesn’t offer a high probability of selling. You can present value, but you shouldn’t think of them as a good prospect for you.

With the ‘too mean’ people, if they’re too mean to you, you won’t get anywhere. The ‘too mean’ managers often know they’re too aggressive, have too much anger, or are too pushy. They know that somewhere inside themselves, that’s not good leadership. Their firm is limited by this fact, and they know it. Learning how to build the right relationship between them and their talent and making them a little bit nicer is fantastic, and the best place this can happen is in the recruitment process. Here, they can learn to build a relationship on a proper basis.

Then, we have the ‘just right’ manager who cares about the performance of the firm, isn’t too nice, and has probably fired people at some point in time. They’re not too mean but are able to be aggressive and allow a little bit of anger where it’s needed to move the company forward. His or her real commitment, though, is the performance and the cultural value that they’re leading.

‘Just right’ managers care about performance, but aren’t afraid to fire someone.

When they discover that you have a strategic vision of their industry and that you’re interested in the actual performance rather than just closing a placement, they will open up to you and bond with you in the most powerful manner. Not only will this lead to good placement and excellent tactics, these are the people who will build your key accounts.

Stay tuned for part six of our video series on the Goldilocks Principle. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I’d be happy to help in any way that I can!

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