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The Goldilocks Principle: Part 3



Part of the Goldilocks Principle is the mode of value. In part 2 of my Goldilocks series we discussed making a strategic decision about which people to call. Once you make those calls, you have already decided who you serve; now you’re in an extraordinary position to give value to every one of those people.

When you call someone, they will be in one of three positions: they have not been at their company long enough to leave; they have been at the company so long that they do not have any market value; or they are just right. This is what we will explore today in Part 3.

The “just right” candidate has been at the company long enough to prove that they are not a job hopper. However, during their time at the company, they have also built their skills and added accomplishments to their resume. Not only that, it is also time for them to move onto the next point in their career. You will be able to really pitch this person in the marketplace.

You can help them make the best possible decision for their career.

In each of these three cases, there is value that you can add to them. First, you need to think about how few people there are that can help these people make that decision to change jobs. Their spouses are often sick of hearing about work, and pulling away from family time to focus on career choices is difficult for many people. Even if they are getting advice from a rich uncle, family members cannot be objective about what’s going on in the market, so those conversations often don’t go well.

Some people are ready to leave their current jobs right away when that is actually the worst decision for them career-wise. A recruiter who knows the market and understands the objective realities can tell this person, “You haven’t been there long enough to make a career change.” Or, you could tell them, “You have been there too long without getting a promotion, learning a new skill, or earning a new qualification.”

When you talk to the “just right” person, this is where your value is at its absolute best. This person is often ready to go but hasn’t thought about where they’re going to move, what the market looks like, and what opportunities or obstacles they may face. When you meet someone who is “just right,” that is a very high-value conversation for you to have. You can help them make the decision to make a career move that is better than the move they would have made on their own.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I would be happy to help you!

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