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The Illuminati Think Tank Teleconference!

I am thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining forces with Bob Marshall at The Illuminati Think Tank Teleconference!

Bob has invited me to participate in his 39th Illuminati Think Tank Teleconference tomorrow, Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 at 3pm (eastern time), noon (pacific time). After the event, Bob will send a recording of our session to all attendees.

I started serving recruiters in 1993. I believe Bob and I met 10 years later, in 2003. But dating back to 1999, I have always been a big fan of Bob’s two greatest works: “Your Desk as a Manufacturing Plant” & “The Concept of the Inverted Cones.” Bob and I have been on the same page ever since.

When you join us in the teleconference, you’ll discover that both Bob and I work really hard to explain things clearly. We are both creative and patient and are always happy to repeat an explanation until it is understood and you are ready to apply it.

For myself, there is a core ability I bring to the table that is maybe more important than any other, and that is listening. I truly want to know your story. I know how to silence my mind and invest fully into hearing what you are telling me.

The supporting ability I engage is my vision. Back to the past, forward to the future, and then returning into a newly understood present, we will build both new comprehension and new vision together. You’ll be amazed and thrilled.

As to my experience and specialization (although I’m a natural generalist), recruiting firm owners have turned to me as their special counselor for these decades. My first recruiting client hired me six years after I first started coaching small business owners in 1987. My clients seek the results they always imagined possible, but found out of reach. From everyday hassles to profound spiritual challenges and losses of faith in their success, together we master the tactics and strategies of becoming a firm in the top 1% of the field. The success and personal fulfillment that recruiters strive for is as common as the American Dream itself, in all its certified glory. My favorite problems to solve are those that stop you from breaking previous records and rising to new heights.

My clients’ needs go deeper than just a more efficient way to do things. They seek peace of mind, prosperity, and financial security. Successful innovation is what makes this possible and is the reward for our investment.

Recruiting owners need to renew their dream of independence. Rapidly, my clients find themselves rejuvenated and restored, with old dreams rekindled and new dreams drawing into powerful, motivating focus. Our work is often casual, always intimate and sometimes more challenging and demanding than any other aspect of their work life. The rewards are commensurate.

Turning back to Bob’s Illuminati Think Tank, he’s created the very finest treasury of one-hour open recruiter roundtables for coaching and recruiting clients. The discussions are far-ranging, but primarily centered on the recruiting challenges that each of us face in today’s market. Discussions are self-directed by the participants and it’s always exciting to hear the diverse observations from this prestigious group and their invited guests. This group is a select ensemble that can forecast and help guide recruiting success in the years to come. Please come listen, share, and challenge in a welcoming environment that is sure to enrich.

The collective recruiting intelligence of the Illuminati Think Tank far surpasses what any of us could acquire alone and is practical information that you can use today. After each session, you will come away emboldened with new ideas, great techniques, and new resources.

Email to join us for the Illuminati Think Tank Teleconference this Wednesday, July 13th at 3:00 pm Eastern.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

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