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Our Utterly Unique Approach to the Recruiting Practice



My name is Pasquale Scopelliti and we have entered a new world with a brand new video blog, as well as a series of videos we are going to be doing. This is the first one. Today I’m going to talk about “The Switch,” a wonderful booklet of information that you can find at our website, You can enter your email there and get a free copy.

What we are going to be doing in this video series is exploring the line separating tactics and strategies in recruiting. If you’re not a recruiter but are interested in “The Switch,” you might find this series very interesting because it will be highly applied. We’ll have hands-on tactics to analyze, but we’ll be finding how strategy informs those tactics and how we learn from the execution of those tactics to improve our strategies.

I think you’ll find this to be an utterly unique approach to the recruiting practice, and I believe it will apply to virtually any type of sales or business venture.


Inside “The Switch” is a summary, called “The Switch in a Nutshell.” “The Switch” is built around an infrastructure of seven commands or challenges, and when my son and I first constructed this, we found a type of poem that captures this idea and I wanted to share it with you today. See the words, hear them for their rhythm and their content. In the coming weeks, we’ll get deeper into them, but right now I wanted to share them with you.

1. The first challenge you must meet is to know your dream.
2. Stirred by the guiding light of your dream, boldly awaken.
3. Alert and aware with that unyielding stare, and vision your victory.
4. Express your word, exercise your might.
5. Your power is expended, your strengths toiled away, sit in silence and appraise the day.
6. Lessons revealed, your mandate is change. The time is now to embrace a new way.
7. As new truth is found and lessons accrue, your dream commands you, become as anew.

The 7th one is my promise. If you will work together with “The Switch” and follow along in this upcoming series by interacting with me and sharing what’s happening as you become more strategically powerful and your tactful mastery is acquired, you will become as anew. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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