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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Introducing The Hours of the Keys, and their Chords (actually just the triads and inversions…whatever those are…)

So, how many keys are there in modern Western music theory? Depending on how you count, or spell, the answer is either 12 or 15. I prefer the answer 12. The reason it’s not easy to be sure is a complicated thing called “enharmonic spelling.” Which is to say… you don’t want to know right […]

Our Utterly Unique Approach to the Recruiting Practice

    My name is Pasquale Scopelliti and we have entered a new world with a brand new video blog, as well as a series of videos we are going to be doing. This is the first one. Today I’m going to talk about “The Switch,” a wonderful booklet of information that you can find […]

It’s A Lie

It isn’t difficult. It’s completely and Perfectly Easy. No, you won’t Believe me, But that’s okay, I hardly believe myself. Classical Guitar is Easy. That it’s difficult

Guitar Applied to Tactical Recruiting

My favorite moment in practice – and I really Do mean My very most favorite Moment – Is when Seth, my wind up, 1930’s metronome, Winds down. To my count Seth requires Either eleven or twelve Turns of his winder (or would that be his crank?). I have no idea How many swings of His […]