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Monthly Archives: March 2016

History Backwards Part 1

I was taught In the modern mode. I crashed and burned. And when I say crashed, Think Airplanes Falling From the heavens. And when I say burned, Think the Chicago fire and Mrs. O’Leary. Don’t forget Bess – I think that was her cow’s name – Who kicked over the lamp

Here’s Something New…

First, I never canceled a performance before, How about that? But I did this past weekend, Because I’m learning how To be Kind To Myself. I was practicing in the morning And I sounded Wonderful. I’ve made so much progress. But, And this shocked me, I could feel no joy in my body Or in […]

I Made It Through

Energy does return. It might take its time, But it comes back. Slowly at first, Intermittent spurts Appear for mere Moments And disappear Almost comfortingly As the state of exhaustion has become The temporary New normal. I stand up slowly.