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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Lessons From Exhaustion Part 2 – Beautiful Notes

I can hope, can’t I? That is, I hope there’ll be no Part 3, but we’ll have to wait and see. Video recordings are simply amazing things. I feared I wouldn’t be able to tolerate myself watching my live performance videos but shockingly, I can. And not with zero pride, either. Hell, I’m proud of […]

Lessons From Exhaustion

So why am I so exhausted?  I completed my second live performance in 36 years on February 11, 2016 (the first was January 10, 2016).  The event was a celebration of an incredible 101 year old gal who passed away in December. For just a tad of context, even in my youth, I never carried […]

I Never Ga’d Or Goo’d

I’m told, I am, That I never ga’d or goo’d When I was learning to speak. I’m told that my first words Came out well formed and Properly pronounced With the inexplicable exception That I thuffered a tremendouth lithp. Growing up outside the great metropolis of Chicago (Which is obviously my kind of town, it […]

Have All The Stones Been Turned?

It is still tonight, Just barely. The morning light will Soon begin. Happy, however, Sleep evades me. Why? Why, and why again? Is there a stone yet left unturned? I am not quite certain. I don’t think so, But thinking, Thinking is not, Thinking is the opposite of The answer. Oh no, I must know. […]

Today, I Weep Alone

Surrounded by love, support and friendship, Rich in life’s treasures beyond my wildest imaginings, Still today, I weep alone. I must. Those who love and support me Do not need or deserve To see or suffer The sorrow still there. Why do I weep, Why still? I weep for what I lost. Yes. I weep […]

Dragon Slayer

Strength for truth; Truth for might; Power for righteousness; Indignation for awakening; Commitment for action; Word above all. 1 Honor begins At the moment of Honesty. When word is action All is right. When action falters And word fails, All is not right. I see the ideal And commit. I know the real And I […]