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Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Little Essay on 176, 184, 192, 200 and 208

AKA the last five numbers. Find yourself an old school, wind up metronome with an actual pendulum. Look closely at the Beats Per Minute numbers. The last five are: 176, 184, 192, 200 and 208 These numbers represent the approach to finish and then, oh my, oh my, the achievement of finish. Anything that you […]

Introducing Seth

Antique Wood Bell Metronome de Maelzel by Seth Thomas Clocks, c. 1930s

Oh Child, Where Is Thy Power?

Oh child, where is thy power? How shalt thou be safe? What love, What peace, What calm Shall be the basis of thy security? How wilt thou protect thyself from the Evil forces of greatness, Of bigness, Of strength, Of fury, Of unpredictability, Of evil intention Disguised as love? Whom shall you trust? Who shall […]

Simple Parts, Proper Sequence

Before I start riffing on what those four words mean, let’s discuss influence.  As you likely know, I was raised in a deeply religious, protestant family.  As such, I wasn’t allowed to have any influences other than God, and really, it was the King James Version of the Holy Bible that was my source.  I […]

Introducing Rene to Ferdinando, Ferdinando to Rene.

The document below is one I put together a few years ago.  I’ll explain a bit more about it tomorrow.  Right now, please take it slow and careful.  If you’re going to attempt, as I have, to gain every benefit from Carulli’s Method, you will need this work.  Need is too small a word.  It […]

The Man Who Makes The Boxes

The year was 1972.  A young fellow, attending the University of Michigan, who happens to be pretty good on his Martin steel-string guitar, hears an album.  Julien Bream.  The album was entitled “Classical Guitar” and that album is what set young David’s future on its course.  Somehow, and I’m not quite sure how, yet – […]

Carulli’s Fundamentals as a… REPERTOIRE!

Damn what a journey.  There’s so much to report.  There are three introductions I’ll end up making, but for right now, I can only afford (space wise!) to make one of them.  Here’s my new friend and hero, David Lewis Edwards… And you have to go check out his website here: I’ll be meeting […]

Rediscovering Practice, Newly Discovering the Benefit of Tests

Having taken the week off last week, shooting no new video lessons, I thought I’d be back at it this week and I may get one or two done even still.  But, the analysis required has pushed me to places I’ve really never dreamed of before.  Analysis? Well, more than anything else right now it’s […]

Zen Guitar (5 of 5): Play.

Did you know that, at least for adults, to play is something you must decide to do?  I’m not sure if that’s true for children or not.  I imagine that playing comes pretty naturally to children, usually, although that was not the case for me, personally.  It’s not the case for my son Anthony, either.  […]

Zen Guitar (4 of 5): Tune.

The devil is in the details.  And we must certainly give the devil his due. His instrument, a pitchfork, gets its name from the word “pick” (something we also do on a guitar!) for such activities as picking up hay and then throwing, ‘pitching’ the hay from one spot to another.  Yet, the word “pitch” […]