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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Zen Guitar (1 of 5): As was John the Baptist to Jesus… so was Philip Toshio Sudo to Carulli for me.

To get started, let’s talk about scripture for a moment first.  It is my true belief that writing, reading, being inspired and moved by, yes led by scripture in one’s real life is one of the great purposes of mankind, of being a human. No, I don’t believe in the literal existence of a deity […]

Pasquale’s Carulli Practice – Metronomic Interlude

I’ll explain why we’ll be taking a short pause in the Vlog lessons we’ve started in a moment.  But first, check out the lovely new metronome I just ordered! In case you want one too, here’s its link at I’ve only been working intensely with a metronome for a few years now, having […]

C Major Modes – Right and Left Hand Fingering Solutions (3 of 3)

Answers to both right and left hand fingering challenges – simplified as much as possible – for the Chained C Major Modes exercise. Fingering mastery is the basis of comfort with the guitar. I’ve also started working on my transcription practice and have included the staff and tab with both right and left hand fingering […]

Pasquale’s Carulli Practice 7 – Equal Temperament

It appears that the big moment took place in the twenty-one years from 1584 to 1605.  We seem to have three geniuses all working on the same thing.  Two Europeans and one Chinaman, and evidently, the most perfect of the three was the Chinese Master. Their names were: 1. Zhu Zaiyu 2. Vincenzo Galilei 3. […]

C Major Modes Memorization Process

C Major Modes Chained

Memorization Guide for the C Major Modes, 4 of 4

1.) State the name of the structure you’ll be practicing and memorizing out loud like so: “C Major Modes Ascending,” or, in turn, “C Major Modes Descending” 2.) State the Name of the first Mode out loud, like so: “Ionian 1” 3.) State the Scale Degree like so: “Scale Degree One” 4.) Identify that you […]

C Major Modes – Descending, 3 of 4

C Major Modes – Ascending, 2 of 4

On the 8th Day God Sang, and He Sang in Musical Modes, 1 of 4

So what exactly is a musical mode?  The place to begin is with the octave.  And the place to begin to understand an Octave is actually with Latin.  The term arose in Latin to represent the 8th day.  With a week being seven days long, the first day of the next week was called the […]