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Ascension: The Art of Self-Absolution

To dive in, ascension?  That is, what does that one term, all by itself indicate?  There is something about the human experience indicating that up is good.  Think of living on the top of the hill.  Well, hey, where do you build a castle?  And, why do you build it tall?  Up is surely good for security and generates a great tactical advantage.

In the business world we always want to be promoted, up, and climb the corporate ladder.  Okay, obviously, the Stairway to Heaven is up.  The gods live in the heavens and we mere mortals dwell here below.  Our hero in this series will be Dante, and in his famous trilogy, Hell is down.  Down is bad, up is good.

In the approach to allegory that Dante employs, there is a technical term called “anagogy.”  This refers to the soul’s journey…upward.

Now let’s really apply this to you, but you in the here and now.  When I teach people about fighting for their dreams, the first place we go as far as time is concerned is lifespan.  That is, how long do you think you’ll live?  This gives us a timeframe within which you have to achieve your objective.  Yes, we always discuss legacy, those things you put in place while alive that last longer than you do, yourself.  But, a dream can’t be exclusively about legacy.  It has to have thrilling rewards here, before you die.

It is those thrilling rewards that give us our most direct focus, and having them is always a type of climb.  Where you are now, you don’t have them.  That is lower.  When you accomplish your mission, and claim your rewards, you will rise up to the next plateau of your life.  Ascension.  It means, for us, realizing your dream before you die.

That’s enough to get us started.  Tomorrow, we’ll look at absolution and who knows, maybe even self-absolution.  Nah, just absolution tomorrow.  Do come on back.  You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. Skip Freeman wrote:

    I still have a dream. I believe in dreams.

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

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