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Elucidating Euclid – Introduction

Let’s get started with the question: Why?

Why Euclid?  What possible tie to recruiting does he have?  And, which version of Euclid will we be working with?

The version question is the easiest.  Here’s the best version in English, ever!

Recruiters need to think.  Think about that.  What is thinking?  How do you know what you know, or even that you know  it?

Okay, I know, you just want tactics on how to close your next deal and get paid.  And, I know, you already think I’m crazy with all these strange connections I always try to sell you on.

Oh well.  You may be right.  I may just be a lunatic…

I love Billy Joel, don’t you?

Back on topic, my translator of Euclid is Richard Fitzpatrick, whom I  will proceed to name by the nickname “Fitz”.  And me, my commentary on Euclid as translated by Fitz will come under the nickname Scope.

With that, I think we can begin…

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