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Monthly Archives: March 2015

What if you don’t know what your dream is?

In this short series, we’ll look only at the first challenge, and that’s the right place to begin: 1. The first challenge you must meet is to Know your dream. If you try to comply with this challenge, you might find – as many have – that you simply do not know what your dream […]

My Teacher, My Hero, My Saint, My Judge, My Father

Think about the five roles listed above.  Now, imagine you had the opportunity to receive life and performance changing guidance from any one of them, and precisely at the time when you needed it most.  Surely you would… LISTEN The choice of teacher is likely the second most important decision your musical career (or any […]

I’d never read a single book on the topic…

Was it before or after?  Did I purchase Philip Toshio Sudo’s book Zen Guitar before my family bought me my beloved guitar Lynette, or did they buy my guitar for me first, and then, inspired, I found my very first book on guitar to read?  I absolutely detest the fact that I can’t remember. What […]

The Allegory of Your Life’s Work

My challenge today is to find a “practical” application for the Four Part Model of Allegory, one that relates to our everyday lives. Well, I think I’ve put my finger on something that will resonate with you. While the majority of people reading this message are Recruiters, a good number of you make a living […]