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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Proof vs. Theory: Our Context is The Switch

As you’ve likely intuited, my own experience coaching people through the process of creating Proofs and Theories leads me to believe that their common sense, natural power is often inhibited.  The primary context for this is, as today’s post title indicates, The Switch.  What I’ve found is that when people attempt to work on the […]

Proof – OR – Theory?

Go again.  What is a Proof?  Remember!  It is ANY OLD THING that makes you think something is correct.  How do you demonstrate you’re right about something?  Or, to use Euclid’s absolute most favorite form, how do you prove that something is wrong, making it kind of likely that the opposite is correct?  Can you […]

Playing With Theory

What was your introduction to theory?  No, not the theory of this or that, but the very idea of theory itself?  Let’s play with a few more elements in asking our question: How did you learn to create, play with, test, improve, reject and replace theories? Where did you learn to germinate a new theory, […]