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Monthly Archives: October 2014

The Scientific Method for Recruiters

It’s exciting to report that I had a wonderful conversation, yesterday, with Pete Toal. Don’t worry about it if you don’t know him yet, you soon will! The part that comes over here, from that conversation, is the following principle: We don’t turn to the scientific method for knowledge, which is just a necessary and […]

The Switch for Seniors: Become As Anew – Part 9 of 10

7. As new truth is found and lessons accrue, your dream commands you – Become As Anew. If we were ready – we’re NOT – we might discuss something like “ending well.”  In medieval times they had an amazing term for this: a “sumptuous death.”  But as I said, we cannot linger there today.   While […]

The Switch for Seniors: Embrace A New Way – Part 8 of 10

6. Lessons revealed, your mandate is change, the time is now to – Embrace A New Way. For all the strength and wisdom of age, there are also ever growing dark spots in mind and consciousness too.  There’s no fool like an old fool.  And who among us, young or old, aren’t fools sometimes? The […]

The Switch for Seniors: Appraise The Day – Part 7 of 10

5. Your powers expended, your strengths toiled away, sit in silence and – Appraise The Day. No one sits as well as seniors do.  In youth everyone thinks they’d like to sit, but virtually never do.  Why not?  The mind is a difficult mistress, indeed.  When you sit you must listen to your thoughts sounding, […]

The Switch for Seniors: Express Your Word; Exercise Your Might – Part 6 of 10

4. Course set, charged and resolute – Express your word; exercise your might. It isn’t easy to set your course, charge up and be resolute.  These are tremendous challenges.  To succeed, you must give yourself to them completely.  Take your time. What course will you walk upon, to what destination today? How much charge will […]

The Switch for Seniors: Envision Your Victory – Part 5 of 10

3. Alert and aware, with an unyielding stare – Envision your victory. In advance of any action, no matter how large or small the stakes involved may be, you must see the victorious outcome first and only then get started. With today’s victory in perfect view, you will naturally veer toward the outcome you desire.  […]

The Switch for Seniors: Boldly Awaken – Part 4 of 10

2. Stirred by the guiding light of your dream – Boldly awaken. Let’s talk about the hard part first.  On some days your dream may be to get up off the sofa, balance well, and walk around the house on your own.  And on some days, even that may be too much to hope for.  […]

The Switch for Seniors: Know Your Dream – Part 3 of 10

1. The first challenge you must meet is to – Know Your Dream. What do you know about dreams and dreaming? Are you one of those who dismiss dreams? Are you too practical for such whimsy? Are you one who dreamed great dreams in youth, only to have life tempt and persuade you into giving […]

The Switch for Seniors: Executive Overview – Part 2 of 10

The heart is the ultimate “Or Gate” of the human soul.                       It isn’t just blood that flows through the human heart; it is also thoughts, emotions, even your body’s real time reactions to the world you live in.  It is not just pumping that […]