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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Switch for Seniors: Introduction – Part 1 of 10

Are you growing greater, or lesser?  Have you found your power to dream the dreams of age? The older I get, the more I come to believe that all the most important battles in life are over concepts.  The images above illustrate my point. The largest concept set above is that of a human life […]

2 Miles Per Hour: the speed that can save your life.

The most powerful, hidden-in-plain-view cause of early death is motion starvation.  And the cure to motion starvation is simply to walk precisely at, or maybe a tiny smidgen gently faster, than 2 MPH.  That’s it.   Before we talk about the ratio that can save your life, let’s give some respect to the guy who […]

But… what if you’re an atheist like me?

Why, oh why oh why, should you CARE about being God or Satan when you don’t believe in either? To answer that question, I kind of have to share my most basic spiritual theory.  Here it is, in a single statement: There is no literal God, he doesn’t exist.  Rather, there is only a projected […]

Masters – Part 2

This man, a great master indeed – the Roshi Taisen Deshimaru – is, and without doubt, Bert Miller’s spiritual doppelganger. In a moment, I’ll tell you NOT to take my word for it; but before I do, I have to explain what Roshi Deshimaru is holding.  By the way, Roshi means teacher or master.  Deshimaru […]


Since 1987, my clients have been my masters.  The one we’re going to talk about today is Bert Miller. Even if my study of my clients was only limited to how I could help them, that study alone would require that my client be my master.  But, each client I serve really has attained his […]