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Escape Velocity: Cartesian Review

Can you picture an actual map of your personal success?

cartesian coordinates
What would you put onto your map?  If you wish to attain Escape Velocity, a great thing to map out would be your responses to the following five challenges.

1. Find and Identify your List of Simple Parts
2. Place your Parts into Proper Sequence
3. Envision All Parts Leading to Each Other in a Smooth Flow Forward
4. Reverse the Direction and Envision them in a Smooth Flow Backward
5. Make Sure there are No Gaps, No Steps Skipped…in either Direction…EVER!


1. Parts List

When you wish to escape, you have to know what are the parts of the process.  For example, a rocket has to have both an engine and fuel.  Is that enough?  No, there are other parts and they’re important.  A full list is required, until all the necessary parts are listed.  All the necessary parts?  Yes, precisely; all those needed to sufficiently attain your desired velocity.

2. Proper Sequence

If you have a two stage rocket, you have to ignite, burn and release stage one before you ignite stage two.  This is true for every form of escape, for every dream you wish to convert into reality.  Once you know the parts required, you must put those parts into their proper order.

3. Smooth Flow Forward

Forward, for our purposes, means from cause to desired effect.  Perhaps the terms outcomes and efforts will help.  When you are able to look at a list of necessary outcomes, you must know what the efforts are that will generate those outcomes, in order, from cause to effect in a continuous flow or sweep forward from the beginning of your mission to its successful completion.

4. Smooth Flow Backward

But many effects or outcomes require multiple causes, tons of effort.  The way to ensure you know your flow in the reverse direction is to picture all the causes required for your desired effects, and see yourself successfully exerting all the efforts that each of your outcomes require.

5. No Steps Skipped

In your planning your goal is to find any missing steps you can and fill them in before you blunder up against a failure.  In your review of your outcomes, the moment you find one less than your desired state, you must immediately start hunting to find the missing step.  Yes, failure can result from poor quality, weak performance of a well identified step.  Finding those places where your performance was off will empower you forward.  But the greatest learning is when you discover that other steps were needed that you had no idea of before.

Once you have all the steps mapped out, you truly do have a map of success itself.  If no steps were skipped, and you can flow backward from all effects to their necessary causes, and forward from all efforts to the desired outcomes, all done in the right order, and known to be as simple in each element as you’re humanly able to make it…then…

Your escape velocity is assured.  Whatever has held you back will no longer do so.  You will be free to fly, to perform, to succeed.

You will be free as a bird, free at last, flying toward the realization of your dream.

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