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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Escape Velocity: 10. Acceleration

There’s a reason the picture below is scary.  Let’s talk about that. I can’t say for sure for you, but for me, somehow I see that missile and imagine it coming after me.  If I flip perspective though, and picture it as if the pilot in the awesome fighter plane is me, and if the […]

Escape Velocity: The Final Five

Today, let’s get emotional! We’re in the home stretch.  We have just five elements of our analysis to contemplate on our mission to escape.  In the coming days, we’ll take them in the following order, just as we’ve done until now.  Here are our remaining five, and then below, I’ll discuss their emotions in light […]

Playing the Rest Notes – Part 2 of 2

The Sounds of Silence… Paul Simon’s greatest concept (and a damn fine song, too). I am not a master of the guitar, not at all.  But I am on the path and one day – while I may never make the claim – I will be a guitar master.  That’s my dream. Well, I can […]

Playing the Rest Notes – Part 1 of 2

If playing the sounded notes is art; playing the rest notes is mastery. Forget music, let’s talk about work; a war story; my own and an absolute favorite.  The year is 1996.  I had recently moved from California to Boston, successfully.  Which is to say, for our purposes, I hadn’t gone out of business.  I […]

Carulli’s Blessing Set 2 – Bourree Day-After Postlude

Hardening Sufficiency and Joel’s Gracious Advice No, Joel Koppelman is not actually directing his comments to me in the picture above; he’s addressing an Oracle’s Integrated Conference in 2009.  But perhaps the image gives you a sense of what it might be like to be under Joel’s mighty attention as I was yesterday. You might […]

Carulli’s Blessing Set 2 – Bourree in 4 Parts, Part 4

Back to the drawing board… Today’s lesson – and I do, sadly, declare my video above an honorable failure – is this: when practicing, hear the performance; when performing, hear the song. Yesterday was a grueling session of 42 takes in total before one was even close enough to allow me to finish up for […]