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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Escape Velocity: Friction

If you want to get moving, accelerate, steer or stop… Friction is your friend. Picture yourself as a foot racer using a starting block. You push off against it, and this helps you accelerate out of motionlessness. The block increases the benefit of friction. Next, you’re driving your souped up sports car, just about to […]

Escape Velocity: Inertia

Newton’s 1st Law teaches that an object will tend to continue at rest or in motion, unless forced to change. Also, an object in motion will continue moving along a straight line unless forced to change.  We might call that conservation of direction, and the first two cases may be thought of as conservation of […]

Escape Velocity: Propulsion, Part 2 of 2

Propulsion is a means of creating Force leading to Movement. In Latin, and for our purposes, Pro = Forward, Pellere = To Drive, or Driving; thus, Propulsion = To Drive Forward; or Driving Forward.  And when it comes to Escape Velocity, Forward = Upward, away from the Gravitational Pull that holds us Down. Work with […]

Escape Velocity: Propulsion, Part 1 of 2

When your Rocket Engine combusts Fuel the result is Propulsion, which is a “means of creating Force leading to Movement.” Imagine that there really was a true science of your dreams.  Image as well that all you had to do was pass a few exams, practice a little bit of the methods you learned and […]

Escape Velocity: Rocket Fuel

The only Fuel sufficient for a Dream, for Escape Velocity, is Faith. One of the most well-known emotional disorders among Social Scientists is called Physics Envy.  I claim to have this disease in a truly extreme form.  I desperately desire an absolutely equivalent schematic for the soul, showing me EXACTLY where and how Faith works.  […]

Escape Velocity: Engine

The question is: will your dream drive you?We’ll start out more than just purely psychological, we’ll actually commence quite technically.  It seems easy to convert the idea of a rocket’s engine into the simple-yet-technical psychological term “drive.” Drives, motivations, needs, passions, furies, instincts…select your psychological theory and you’ll get libraries filled with more books on […]

Escape Velocity: Yin Yang Theory – Part 4 of 4

It’s all about overcoming the opposition, stupid! There’s no way to recall the first time I blundered into Aristotle’s Elements and Qualities, but I can assure you I’ve never seen them quite so cleanly presented as the image above does. How many stories might we tell from meditating on that image?  I’ll try a couple.  […]

Escape Velocity: Yin Yang Theory – Part 3

To create thrust, a rocket engine generates a controlled explosion and directs the exhaust in the opposite direction its drivers wish to fly toward. What exactly are dreams?  The kind of dream we’re working on – the kind necessary for you to escape the forces holding you back in life – is the sort of […]

Escape Velocity: Yin Yang Theory – Part 2

“And Isis answer made: Of living things, my son, some are made friends with fire, and some with water, some with air, and some with earth…” You really should check out this article where I found the image above: Perhaps it’s my prejudice as a Westerner, but I really do picture Aristotle’s Elements & […]

Escape Velocity: Yin Yang Theory – Part 1

“The ancients observed 2 phases of constant cyclical change. Yin constantly changes into Yang & back into Yin again. This can be seen in the changes of four seasons, and the changes throughout a single day…” Look deeply into the image above. Follow the simple logic. While we might say evening begins at sundown, the […]