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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Escape Velocity: No Steps Skipped…in either Direction…EVER!

A clean, fluid sweep of mind both forward and backward – with NO steps skipped – is the basis of all true performance power. There’s a map we can build, slightly zooming out from the picture above.  To our right, just a bit, there’s one bank of the River Wharfe.  That’s where our umbrella carrying […]

Escape Velocity: Smooth Flow Backward – Part 2 of 2

Without sufficient learning, your dream is impossible.  One by one, you must master each necessary cause of victory.  As you do, you will attain sufficient power to predict all victories in advance with perfect confidence. I love the picture above.  It’s not the most stunningly beautiful oak tree you’ll ever see, nor the most dramatically […]

Escape Velocity: Smooth Flow Backward – Part 1 of 2

To dream the future, and make it so, you must resolve the past.  Every effect must have its necessary cause or causes, sufficiently. First, step into the flow of scientific history you see illustrated above by way of four dates (the information was taken from this article 1789 – Lavoisier’s Traité Élémentaire de Chimie […]

Escape Velocity: Smooth Flow Forward

New Cartesian Blessing:  May all your causes lead to their desired effects like dominoes falling at the moment of your will. I have weird visions, and ridiculous emotions that adhere to them.  Take the image above.  It’s just 10 dominoes, lined up in an uninteresting pattern.  There are videos you can find that are almost […]

Escape Velocity: Proper Sequence

When the parts are this simple, and the sequence this clear, then you truly understand something! Let’s back up to simple parts for a moment.  You can add 1 to itself four times, to come up with 4.  Or, of course, you can add 2 + 2.  Or, as above, we can add a single […]

Escape Velocity: Simple Parts

Let’s begin by reviewing yesterday’s quotation from Beloved Uncle Rene: Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is feasible and necessary to resolve it. I hate confessing that it took me years to figure out the following so-simple, little, obvious equation: Simple = A Part Small Enough To Make A Difficulty Easy It’s right […]

Escape Velocity: Gravity Equals Difficulty

One of the most powerful tactical terms I teach recruiters is “deep dive.”  As a recruiter works on getting to know a hiring manager or a candidate, he needs to go way past the surface all the way down to hopes and dreams, deepest drives and motivation, greatest vision and most amazing powers and needs […]

Escape Velocity’s Easy Dozen + 2

Can we break Escape Velocity down into: 1.) Simple Parts and, 2.) Proper Sequence? I’ll commence with a small whining complaint.  I hate my formal education and all the gaps I still carry inside me as a result of its atrocious weaknesses.  Am I done whining?  No, but I’ll try to impose some discipline now.  […]

From Pasquale’s Dream to My Granddaughter Kaitlyn’s First Guitar Lesson

…it’s a long story, but I’m going to go fast! We have a complex family.  Our granddaughters can’t quite count up their grandparents since us older generations have had multiple marriages, etc.  So, unbeknownst to me… About six years ago one of the other sets of grandparents gave my granddaughter Kaitlyn a guitar.  I’ll share […]

Escape Velocity

Sometimes the day takes you where it will, and sometimes Escape Velocity occurs! I hate; I detest breaking even the smallest promise.  I promised, yesterday, that today I’d post a mini-essay on the concept of Escape Velocity, but I failed. I did, however, discover that Escape Velocity has a formula, the one you see above.  […]