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My First Classical Guitar Video

…and here it is!

Pasquale Scopelliti plays Minuet in G

Please leave any thoughts or feedback you may have in the comments below.

Thank you for watching!!

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  1. Well, well. You hit the ‘final unit’ (on time) with great skill and dignity. I’ve heard snippets of your playing over the years and you are vastly improved! Your Zen-like work paying off. My real take away, however, is more than the audio, the pleasure of listening to a favorite piece of mine played by a great friend. Because you did a video I have much more to absorb and enjoy. I’m in your home, in your Carnegie Hall with you. Your metronome is right there on the piano. And most importantly you look at ease, comfortable, yourself. You and your guitar, your Zen guitar, are one. Proof of that is your wicked rye smile at the end of your performance as the applause pours in. Bravo!

    Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 9:17 am | Permalink

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