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Monthly Archives: January 2014

My First Classical Guitar Video

…and here it is! Please leave any thoughts or feedback you may have in the comments below. Thank you for watching!!

Beats Per Minute

Dateline: Maryland, 1:30 pm, 29 January 2014 It’s time for a serious break, now. I just nailed 120 bpm (beats per minute) and broke down at 126. This signals the actual end of all my preparations. A couple of other thoughts below… According to my best source, the correct tempo for my piece is between […]

Countdown to My 1st Ever Classical Guitar Video: 1 day!

Today I went out to Micro Center to purchase an item Nico found for me online. It’s a mount for the Samsung Galaxy Tab I got for Christmas which will allow me to secure the tablet to just about anything. I’ll be using it to record and post my video to YouTube tomorrow. Nico and […]

Carulli’s Law of Simplified, Strict Alternation

“One must PLUCK the sixth, fifth, and forth string with the thumb of the right hand, and the other three strings with the index and the middle, alternating each finger with every note. The ring finger must serve only in the chords, and arpeggios. Nevertheless while doing the sixths, octaves and also in certain arpeggios […]

Countdown to My 1st Ever Classical Guitar Video: 2 days!

Hello Friends! If you’ve been following along with my “Carulli’s Blessing” series, then you know that going into 2014 I promised that by the end of January I would post my very first Classical Guitar video. Well it’s going to be recorded on Wednesday 1/29 meaning I’ve got two days left to prepare. Wish me […]

“Contra-Humpty Dumpty,” or, “How to Read, Study and Internalize Philosophy”

You remember Humpty Dumpty, don’t you?  He was a very well dressed egg with a red bow tie in Mother Goose who fell off the wall and then could not be put back together again.  “Contra,” by the way, means against.  Why are we against Humpty Dumpty?  Because breaking an author’s philosophy down into its […]

The Philosophy of Your Word

Note: Before reading the following quote, make sure you refer to the post that preceded it: “Contra-Humpty Dumpty,” or, “How to Read, Study and Internalize Philosophy” The following passage is from Nietzsche’s book, On the Genealogy of Morals, published in 1887, taken here from the Second Essay, Sections 1 and 2.  All italics and punctuation […]

Carulli’s Blessing – Post 5 of 5

Ready… Set… Express your word; exercise your might! In case you don’t read ancient Greek, the word you see to the right is LOGOS, the Greek word for WORD. I share that, since I’m about to give you mine. To dream, awaken and visualize are all in their own right acts of preparation. But, to […]

Carulli’s Blessing – Post 4 of 5

Do you actually… See Your Coming Victory (right now, as if it already happened)? Carnegie Hall. No, absolutely not, I do not see, not with my intellectual mind’s eye, me ever playing there. Not a chance. It’s impossible. So, that simply cannot be the victory I see. But, well, ahem, humiliation, pain, no agony: why […]

Carulli’s Blessing – Post 3 of 5

Are you… Boldly awake? What was it that resurrected my dream of classical guitar, that re-awakened my broken musician’s heart? Part of it was the new level of performance I had attained in my professional life, reducing our family’s economic stress. As a solo practitioner, a performance coach specializing in serving recruiters, I’ve never enjoyed […]