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Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Godfather Commentaries #101

Then as he opened the door to get back into the car he took a quick look up and down the highway. There were no lights, the road was completely dark. “Go ahead,” Clemenza said. A second later the interior of the car reverberated with the report of a gun. The Godfather, Chapter 6, Page […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 113 of a Continuing Series

If you can force yourself to meditate on the outline I posted yesterday – my FSTOPS™ model – you should. If you can’t its okay, of course. I won’t go into any details for now, but to end our work here I will go over the big picture with you. I’ll post the outline again, […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 13

We considered Jack Nicklaus 1974 thoughts above. The following thoughts date back a bit earlier: “A whole is what has a beginning and middle and end. A beginning is that which is not a necessary consequent of anything else but after which something else exists or happens as a natural result. An end on the […]

The Godfather Commentaries #100

As he (Clemenza) expected, Gatto’s eyes became greedily interested. Paulie had swallowed the bait and because he was thinking how much the information was worth to Sollozzo, he was forgetting to think about whether he was in danger. The Godfather, Chapter 6, Page 105, Paragraph 5, Sentences 22 & 23 Do you remember King Priam […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 112 of a Continuing Series

Diagnosis, Cure…Decisions. Don’t ask me how, but I made a Decision once upon a time, and sold it to my daughter. She was pregnant with twins and I sold her on naming – I really did this – BOTH of her daughters after their grandmother, my beloved Queen Kate. The twins’ names are Kathryn and […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 12

Let’s consider what a Future Perfect Plan for just ONE day might look like: (1) The first challenge you must meet is to – Know your dream. (2) Stirred by the guiding light of your dream – Boldly awaken. (3) Alert and aware, with an unyielding stare – Envision your victory. (4) Course set, charged […]

The Godfather Commentaries #99

He would tell Paulie that their job today was to find an apartment in case the Family decided to “go to the mattresses.” Also, Clemenza thought with a grin, Paulie Gatto had proved he was greedy and the first thought that would pop into his head was how much he could get from Sollozzo for […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 111 of a Continuing Series

Did you realize that the medical model, with Diagnosis and Cure, dates back roughly 4,500 years to ancient India? Twenty-five hundred years ago, when the Buddha walked with his fellows, it was the medical tradition – a tradition that, already in the Buddha’s day, stretched 20 centuries further back into the impossibly distant past – […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 11

How does a Future Perfect Plan attain Certainty, or as close thereto as we can get? The answer is Science, as in Cause and Effect Relationships that we know, truly know. The best word for these Relationships is “Principles”. When your FPP is based on such solid Principles that you believe in utterly, with no […]