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Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Godfather Commentaries #98

But Clemenza felt strongly that it was important to keep good working habits and never give away a fraction of a percentage point. You never could tell what might happen and these matters were, after all, questions of life and death. As he washed his baby blue Cadillac, Peter Clemenza pondered and rehearsed his lines, […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 110 of a Continuing Series

It’s tempting to move from Diagnosis straight into Decisions. Doing so, though, causes much of the foolish and unnecessary striving we foist upon ourselves. Whenever you attempt to merely treat your illness, reacting to its urgent demands, you are likely to make the illness worse in the long run, if not the mid or even […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 10

Some strange convergences have been taking shape lately. This thread is one of the reasons. Take a look at the list of my main projects stretching back to 1989: (1) The FSTOPS™ (2) Goal Setting/Performance Tracking & Visual Graphing (3) The Lock-On Report™ (4) Future Perfect Planning (5) Learning to Write so as to Document […]

The Godfather Commentaries #97

Paulie had not only betrayed the Family, he had betrayed his padrone, Peter Clemenza. This lack of respect had to be repaid. The Godfather, Chapter 6, Page 102, Paragraph 2, Sentences 13 & 14 Forget Paulie and Pete. Turn with me to the great Don. Turn further. I have recommended, with all I am, that […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 109 of a Continuing Series

As I continue to meditate on diagnosis, and the soul’s need for it, there are two steps and a bridge I see. Step 1: Surrender. Step 2: Confession. The Bridge: Resolution. You will not actually BE diagnosed until you surrender. To resist a diagnosis is to remain undiagnosed. When confronted with a diagnosis you must […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 9

Golf My Way by Jack Nicklaus; Going To The Movies, pages 79 & 80 “I never hit a shot, even in practice, without having a very sharp, in-focus picture of it in my head. It’s like a color movie. First I “see” the ball where I want it to finish, nice and white and sitting […]

The Godfather Commentaries #96

What was troubling Peter Clemenza this morning was an administrative problem…. The problem was, who should the caporegime bring up from the ranks to replace Gatto in the Family? … The man had to be tough and he had to be smart. He had to be safe…one well versed in the Sicilian law of omerta, […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 108 of a Continuing Series

It’ll be exactly one year ago, this Friday, that I was diagnosed with my diabetes. While we’ve been working on this meditation together here about your own daily recruiting journal, the significance – actually, my own desperate need – of diagnosis keeps hitting me again and again. Go back in time with me once more […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 8

What causes a placement? Don’t build a complete answer – but of course we will be working on that, soon! – just find anything you completely, absolutely believe in. Here’s another attack on the task: What one thing MUST happen, for certain, before a placement is even possible? Mind you, there will be other things, […]

The Godfather Commentaries #95

He (Paulie Gatto) had been brought up through each level in the proper manner. He had been tested and not found wanting. And then after he had “made his bones” he had received a good living from the Family, a percentage of the East Side “book” and a union payroll slot. The Godfather, Chapter 6, […]