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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Godfather Commentaries #92

Sonny said grimly, “Freddie is no use to us. The doctor says he’s in shock so bad he has to have complete rest. I don’t understand that. Freddie was always a pretty tough guy. I guess seeing the old man gunned down was hard on him, he always thought the Don was God. He wasn’t […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 104 of a Continuing Series

So how do we solve a problem like Friedrich (you know, Nietzsche)? If you’re game, we can work on it. If not, we can let it go. Tempting as it is, my instinct right now is to simply leave last Thursday’s post in your hands and if you’re up to it, hit me, and I’ll […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 4

That work done, we can now come back to language. The way we talk about the future in English is built on exactly that same foundation. We talk about the future AS IF it were happening right now, or in the Non-past tense. There is a powerful verb that makes the bridge for us. It […]

The Godfather Commentaries #91

“If I ever plead before the Supreme Court, I’ll never plead better than I did with that goddamn Turk tonight. I told him I’d talk the family into the deal even though the Don was alive. I told him I could wrap you around my finger, Sonny. How we were buddies as kids; and don’t […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 103 of a Continuing Series

We move now to the deep question of Honor in Commitment. The excerpt quoted below is from Nietzsche. If you’d like to read the full passage, just need to head over to The Consigliori Facebook and look up note “11. Don Vito’s Law of Friendship – Part 4: Nietzsche’s Sovereign Individual and the Right to […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 3

Why do we care about this? Be it by image or word, you cannot get through a day without thinking about the future. But, in the English language, we’re actually not very good at this. That is, our language formally only has two time frames. You won’t believe what they are, but you can check […]

The Godfather Commentaries #90

He strode into the office without another look at his still-sobbing wife. He hadn’t lived with the Corleone family for ten years for nothing, Michael thought with a queer flush of pride. Some of the old man had rubbed off on him, as it had on Sonny, and he thought, with surprise, even on himself. […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 102 of a Continuing Series

So what do we do with this Watcher fellow inside, and this Doer guy or gal outside? First, let’s propose that Honor in Character comes down, most directly, to honesty of Commitments, most especially in direct relationship to another person, i.e. Accountability. But, is Honor of Character more rooted in your promises to someone else, […]

Your Perfect Future: Future Perfect Planning for Recruiters, Part 2

We begin with an arcane, technical aspect of English Grammar. It is a tense, and while Grammar may make you a bit nervous, that’s not the kind of “tense” we’re talking about. What exactly is a tense, in English Grammar? Holy cow. I just went to Wikipedia and you’ll have to forgive me, but you’d […]

The Godfather Commentaries #89

He was glad that he was not truly part of all this, that now his father lived he did not have to involve himself in vengeance. He’d help out, answering the phone, running errands and messages. Sonny and the old man could take care of themselves, especially with Luca behind them. The Godfather, Chapter 4, […]