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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The Godfather Commentaries #75

The two assassins could easily have shot him down. But they too panicked. They must have known the son was armed, and besides too much time had passed. They disappeared around the corner, leaving Freddie alone in the street with his father’s bleeding body. The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 80, Paragraphs 1, Sentences 1 – […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 25 of a Continuing Series

Failures are for transcending. What must I transcend? I can reduce both my failure, and my mandate for transcendence down to a single word, now. That word is: PROOF My hope, nay, my addiction was to being the guy who served the top producing franchise in MRI. It was my expectation that whoever was the […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 86 of a Continuing Series

Here’s the funny thing about Character. You know what it is, perfectly. Everyone does. Find me a person who will disagree that Character is comprised of: Decision, Word and Execution. We all know that our Character is the most important thing about ourselves. We even know that if we win, but have bad Character, the […]

The Godfather Commentaries #74

…and as he turned to go back to the waiting car, two men stepped from around the corner. Don Corleone knew immediately what was to happen. … They had not expected Don Corleone’s alert reaction. He dropped the bag of fruit and darted toward the parked car with startling quickness for a man of his […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 24 of a Continuing Series

When confronting failure, most especially deep, spiritual failure, to attempt to reclaim what was lost is a fool’s mission. Loss is loss. Time flows in only one direction. We know that there simply is no going back. We also know that this means we must let go, move forward…and reach higher still. That last part, […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 85 of a Continuing Series

Allow me to ask, and push yourself, do you get that counting – really “get” now – that counting converts into accounting and that an account is…your story? What happened to the one sheep you lost? What’s the story there? What? You have MORE sheep now than when you left the ranch this morning, and […]

The Godfather Commentaries #73

Don Corleone looked thoughtful for a moment. “That’s the third time this month. I think maybe you’d better get a healthier fellow for this job. Tell Tom.” The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 78, Paragraph 10, Sentences 43 – 46 Necessary Details for Context: • The Don is speaking to Fredo, who is about to go […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 23 of a Continuing Series

How much can you lift? You likely think this is a muscular, biomechanical question. But it’s not, it’s a spiritual question. To follow my point, all you need do is enter “mother lifts” into Google. The very first thing you’ll see…you already know what it’s going to be, don’t you? The first thing that comes […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 84 of a Continuing Series

Once again a small review for context: (4) Accountability (5) Character (6) Commitment (7) Honor When I was a boy, they taught us to never use our fingers for counting or calculating. It was thought that you should use only your mind. Nowadays, we know better, thank goodness (and Dr. Montessori, too), and we rightly […]

The Godfather Commentaries #72

His father had been shot at five in the afternoon. That meant that while he had been making love to Kay, having dinner, enjoying the theater, his father was near death. Michael felt sick with guilt. The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 77, Paragraph 4, Sentences 33 – 35 It is said by some that a […]