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Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Godfather Commentaries #70

At that moment two men came up behind him. Hagen felt a sudden weakness in his legs. Sollozzo said softly, “Get in the car. If I wanted to kill you you’d be dead now. Trust me.” Without a shred of trust Hagen got into the car. The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 75, Paragraphs 9 & […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 20 of a Continuing Series

You probably realize, don’t you, that if you ever feel someone did something wrong to you, that you most certainly played a role, too. This is not difficult to observe. There were signs…you ignored them. You knew…but you turned your eyes away. You saw such things as your mind was trying to tell you, you […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 81 of a Continuing Series

It is very easy for me to get trapped in the abstract. I am a theoretical, even a philosophical thinker. I grew up in the Ivory Tower, and before I left it, I learned to be king there. It didn’t take long for me to learn that out here on the Mean Streets my egg-headed […]

The Godfather Commentaries #69

Don Corleone waited until Sonny had left the room. Then he sank back into his leather armchair and motioned brusquely for a drink. Hagen poured him a glass of anisette. The Don looked up at him. “Send for Luca Brasi to see me,” he said. The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 74, Paragraph 3, Sentences 9 […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 19 of a Continuing Series

In my previous posting I stated: “…when you encounter this kind of concept-level resistance…share a live decision and its Personal History context of your own.” Here then is my own example for you. Are you ready for politics? I’m about to unload… Over the years, a few of my best clients have been inspired to […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 80 of a Continuing Series

Although I don’t think I quite realized it before, I believe there is a driving question kind of deep down, underneath the entire cycle of work and thought captured and recorded in my diabetes logs and journals. That question might be: * What is my story? * It might take slightly different forms: • What […]

The Godfather Commentaries #68

Sollozzo’s eyes flickered again but this time with satisfaction. He had discovered a chink in the Don’s fortress. When the Don spoke his voice held a dismissal. “Young people are greedy,” he said. “And today there are no manners. They interrupt their elders. They meddle. But I have a sentimental weakness for my children and […]

The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Part 18 of a Continuing Series

Back to tactics! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is: (1) Find a friend who is willing to help you. (2) Poke around in your friend’s life seeking a living decision. A living decision is one where considerations are up, but the outcome – the decision itself – is NOT yet made. (3) […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 79 of a Continuing Series

In late 1993, I blundered into recruiters. By early 1995, I had a decision to make. Should I allow myself to become a specialist, forsaking my beloved status as the world’s proudest generalist; or should I invest more heavily into other sales directions and not let myself get sucked into the recruiting world? It was […]

The Godfather Commentaries #67

“In this world there are many weak individuals. They may talk, they may jeopardize more important people. Legal protection is a must. I hear, Don Corleone, that you have as many judges in your pocket as a bootblack has pieces of silver.” The Godfather, Chapter 2, Page 72, Paragraph 3, Sentences 22 – 25 Personally, […]