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Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 61 of a Continuing Series

First a little more bragging…sorry about that, but well…

My Endocrinologist visit last week was awesome. I got pissed off at my doctor for the first time, but we’ll work on that part another time. Have I mentioned that I’m not tracking my calories, or my fat, carbs & protein grams any more, for the time being? My numbers have shifted from food to weight, with my wonderful Tanita Scale. It estimates body fat %, and muscle mass in pounds as well as guessing at how many calories I’d have to eat if I wanted to stay at exactly the same weight. I am my Endo’s only patient who takes a daily weight reading. I’d brag more, but now I have to get back to “formal thought” work…

If I wish to stay precisely the same weight, I have to eat a certain amount of calories. That amount is necessary. If I wish to lose weight, it is necessary that I eat fewer calories than the number my scale guesses at (or burn more of them). And, if I wish to gain weight (which always makes my Kate happy!), it is necessary to eat more calories than the estimated number. Do you see? Necessity is just as simple as that.

But let’s get all complex again. I don’t just love, I ADORE knowing these things. Sure, I hated my data, before, and I’m often tempted to hate my data still. But, the seed of worshipful adoration is right there, deep inside my very hatred of the data itself. I know I’ve flipped my switch from hate to love, though, whenever I start using the words “necessary” and “sufficient” naturally, over the data and my use of it.

Now that’s not insignificant, even if it is complicated.

[originally posted February 7, 2012 at my Recruiting Tactics & Strategy LinkedIn Discussion Group]

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