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The FSTOPS(TM) Model for Decision Making, Introduction

During the past year since my diagnosis with diabetes, I’ve learned more about a model for decision making that I created in 1989, than at any previous moment.

I’ve used the model for many different purposes, some of which I’ll share in the first posting below where I cover a thumb nail sketch of its history. Here though, let me share what I learned over the past year. As I gained greater and greater data control over my methods, the time frame for decisions – the horizon the decision covered – grew smaller and smaller. At one point I was taking as many as 15 blood sugar readings per day, tracking every single calorie and every gram of fat, carbs & protein, as well as every minute of exercise. The reality of a living matrix of data transformed the way I make decisions. It was in this context that I felt a new relationship to my model, 22 years after I first created it.

It was that transformation that we’ll be employing in this thread. That is, we’ll be using my model to give you complete power over your decisions, power like you’ve never felt before.

We’ll discuss my past year’s learning as we roll, but if you want the back ground in exquisite detail, the recently finished thread here called Your Daily Recruiting Journal will give you all you need.

We’ll also discuss the use of the model for your recruiting tactics and strategies. Here though, you’ll need to join in and guide the discussion with questions, reports or thoughts of your own. The reason is this. I will be presenting the model as a purely general tool, one that anyone can use. Don’t be shy to apply it to your work, you’ll find extraordinary power for performance if you do. But, I won’t be leading there, on my own, at all.

Our pace will be leisurely, slow and thorough. Don’t fight it. Slow down. Take each simple step. Go as rapidly as you are comfortable into experiments and homework that you assign yourself for maximum learning. But, there’s no reason to rush. Why not? You’ll be using this tool for the rest of your life. Come along…and you’ll see!

[originally posted June 11, 2012 at my Recruiting Tactics & Strategy LinkedIn Discussion Group]

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