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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 33 of a Continuing Series

What have I learned, tracking my carbs as I have? One of my conceptual struggles came in the form of “good carbs vs. bad carbs.” Truth is, there are no such things on either side. But, let me tell you, learning that was no easy thing! My ultimate authority is Dr. Richard Bernstein. I’m pretty […]

The Godfather Commentaries #21

“‘Tom lived with us since he was twelve years old,’ Michael said. ‘His parents died and he was roaming around the streets with this had by infection. Sonny brought him home one night and he just stayed. He didn’t have any place to go. He lived with us until he got married.” The Godfather, Chapter […]

Recruiting Rene: Or, thinking and executing success, as only a recruiter can! – Part 94 of a Continuing Series

Here then are all 12 of our sub-phrases from Unpublished Rule 5, again, numbered: 1. Method consists entirely 2. In the order and disposition of the objects 3. Towards which our mental vision must be directed 4. If we would find out any truth. 5. We shall comply with it exactly if we 6. Reduce […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #23

“Now mark yet further, and indeed understand this right-well—Hear what is bad; do not fence from the left if you are right-handed, and if you are left-handed, you are weak from the right, and fence rather from high left to low (on the right).” Johnny L – 1389 Count the attention grabbers: 1. Mark further; […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 32 of a Continuing Series

Speaking of time data, I’ve preached since 2003 or so, in favor of the 4-hour day on the phone. My ultimate argument has been the 50% principle. It goes like this. Whatever you do, unitarily or in sum, that mounts up to 50% of your day actually defines what you do. So, if you spend […]

The Godfather Commentaries #20

“The Don received Brasi as a king greets a subject who has done him an enormous service, never familiar but with regal respect. With every gesture, with every word, Don Corleone made it clear to Luca Brasi that he was valued.” The Godfather, Chapter 1, Page 25, Paragraph 9, Sentences 35 & 36 As a […]

Recruiting Rene: Or, thinking and executing success, as only a recruiter can! – Part 93 of a Continuing Series

9. And then starting with the intuitive apprehension 10. Of all those that are absolutely simple, 11. Attempt to ascend to the knowledge of all others 12. By precisely similar steps. How well did you do with your intuition, your intuitive apprehension, yesterday? Were you able to follow the definition and then move into immediate […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #22

“Fence with the whole body if you want do this with strength.” Johnny L – 1389 But do you? Do you want to do this with strength? Most don’t, you know. You do know that, too. Look around you. Who does anything with strength? No, not no one; but how rare, how surprising, how wonderful […]

The Godfather Commentaries #19

“Luca Brasi did not fear the police, he did not fear society, he did not fear God, he did not fear hell, he did not fear or love his fellow man. But he had elected, he had chosen, to fear and love Don Corleone.” The Godfather, Chapter 1, Page 25, Paragraphs 8, Sentences 24 & […]

Recruiting Rene: Or, thinking and executing success, as only a recruiter can! – Part 92 of a Continuing Series

We left off with the one question: “Can we win?” You must remember this question. It sums up your preparation in advance and your assessment after every tactic you’ll ever execute. This is the simplest statement of your mission. On your path to making placements, each person you serve enjoys a competitive situation that it […]