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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 18 of a Continuing Series

Hello again! Before I return to my diabetes story, I believe we require a bit more work on Send Outs as the ultimate driving principle in recruiting. Here’s why. My own epiphany could not, would not have occurred if I had not found a single driving principle to guide my diabetes data and concept work. […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #7

Do what you wish to do with good understanding. Johnny L – 1389 This may be the ultimate difference between brawling and sword fighting. It isn’t the weapon, but rather the understanding. Our master tells us that we must tie our desires to our understanding. He expresses this as a command, but it really is […]

Recruiting Rene: Or, thinking and executing success, as only a recruiter can! – Part 78 of a Continuing Series

Inside an atom we end up finding protons, neutrons and electrons, and from there physics keeps on going down, finding smaller and smaller things. As I have meditated on the big picture of our three elements: Job Titles, Relationships & Performance, I’ve realized there are some lower level elements assumed, that have to be fleshed […]

The Godfather Commentaries #4

“Johnny sat on the floor with his face in his hands. The sick, humiliating despair overwhelmed him. And then the gutter toughness that had helped him survive the jungle of Hollywood made him pick up the phone and call for a car to take him to the airport. There was one person who could save […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 17 of a Continuing Series

Kent, in addition to sharing your birthday with us here, I can’t thank you enough for your work and wisdom from last week. Tomorrow, Monday, I’ll be back at it as you said. But I thought I needed to respond to some of your work, and today is the best time to do it. In […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #6

This you shall understand: all arts have length and measure. Johnny L – 1389 Are you measured in your approach? When you set out to accomplish something, how well do you measure the task? Can you see the length between start and finish; and all obstacles in between? Our master tells us ALL arts have […]

Recruiting Rene: Or, thinking and executing success, as only a recruiter can! – Part 77 of a Continuing Series

I was studying one of Rene’s greatest students over the weekend. The student’s name is Jean-Philippe Rameau, and his life’s work followed the same line we’re working here. He attempted to rationalize music, using Rene’s Rules. One of the points he made really struck me. He broke everything down into reason and experience. For Rameau, […]

The Godfather Commentaries #3

“ ‘Johnny, not in the face, I’m making a picture.’ She was laughing. He punched her in the stomach and she fell to the floor. He fell on top of her….He beat her as he had beaten snotty smaller kids long ago when he had been a tough teenager in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen.” The […]

Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 16 of a Continuing Series, Guest Post by Kent Burns

Well, our dear friend and Consigliori will be returning Monday from his week off..I hope he returns rested and restored and full of new insights to share with us. For my final post, I will speak about “truth”. I can’t over emphasize the importance of dealing in truth as you journal. Your journal is a […]

Notes on Liechtenauer #5

Cut fiercely! Storm forwards: Hit or miss; The well-experienced hate that which seeks to cut them. Johnny L – 1389 Cut fiercely! If we would but live by this one command what evils would be cleansed from our lives and world? How often we fail our master’s dictate. How sad such failure is. He even […]