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Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 3 of a Continuing Series

Today, NOT Monday, is Columbus Day. There are two things that Columbus was better at than anyone else in the world. One was riding on currents in the ocean. He carefully kept his skills secret most especially from his own crew. So, when they get to the “Indies” before they starved to death, they were shocked. But, they knew better than to question the captain. He did it by getting them into the ocean current that brought them here, over the Atlantic. When they thought they were in a dead calm, not moving, the current was bringing them right here.

The second great mastery was the use of what was then called a “rutter” and what we now call the captain’s log. It was almost as if Columbus could steer his ship by looking backward in his rutter and simply seeing where they had been. The arts and sciences of such mastery are almost impossible for the rest of us normal folk to comprehend. Today being his day, I had to mention these things!

I turn back now to my own story. Did you know that diabetes is the most profitable disease today? It is exploding by leaps and bounds, faster than any other disease. But, unlike such things as cancer, the research burden and the treatment protocols don’t entail the billions upon billions of dollars of capital that other diseases require. Insulin, while constantly being innovated, is really not that much different today than what the first doctors gave their patients back in the 1920s. There’s certainly no equal overhead to what’s involved in chemotherapy. Beyond all that, diabetes supports the most amazing corps of coaches you’ve ever met. There are more diabetes coaches than there are for any other disease. Did you know that it is an entire industry of coaching, diabetes is?

Nothing could have surprised me more than when, on the day they released me from the hospital having stabilized my situation, Kate and I received a visit from one of the finest coaches I’ve ever met or had the benefit to work with. She was incredible. She spent well over two hours with us and walked us through all the changes and basic understanding we needed to begin my new life successfully. She taught me all about carbs and carb counting, basic meal planning on that basis, how to inject my insulin, how to test my blood sugar and most important of all, how to log my blood sugar numbers.

I can easily and with absolute certainty testify to this fact. When my coach taught me how to test and record my blood sugar numbers, she gave me the single greatest gift of learning, and the most important data gathering skill set any person has ever given me. Yes, of course it was the diabetes itself that changed my life. But, hidden there within the simple gift of basic skills my coach taught me was the very gift of life and healing itself. And ever so much more, as you can tell, of course.

Now, let me do for you a tiny bit of what my coach did for me. We do know, in recruiting, that there is a single most important number to track. No, it isn’t phone time, even though that is my personal favorite. We know that the one number that matters most in recruiting is Send Outs. It used to be that you were expected to get one Send Out per day. We’ll be analyzing that old goal extensively in days to come. What I can tell you for certain, though, is this. There should NEVER be a single day in which you don’t think about and work toward Send Outs.

Now, let’s say you hate and even completely reject numbers in recruiting. No problem! Let’s just log your efforts. Maybe we’ll log your thoughts, too, but we’ll come back to that. What efforts toward Send Outs did you exert today?

As you work today give it a try. Simply log your efforts. I repeat:

*** What did you do today in order to create Send Outs? ***

[originally posted October 13, 2011 at my LinkedIn Discussion Group]

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