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Your Daily Recruiting Journal, Part 1 of a Continuing Series

Here’s my story. I started my journal work in my early 20’s. From my spirituality to my struggles to fill in all the missing pieces of my education, though, my journal has been where the learning I very literally live by has taken place. Sadly, however, I really never organized my journal and in many cases didn’t even think of what I was doing as journaling. This has dramatically changed recently, and we’ll get to that in just a bit.

Still, try to believe me if you can: If it weren’t for the success of my journal work, I’d not be here to talk with you now, today, period. While this is true as relates to my entire life, in every way, it is most important professionally.

Why? There are two major factors. One, I did not graduate from college. Two, I got started in the mission of supporting a pre-made family of an incredible woman and our two daughters from her first marriage. Yes, I fell madly, head over heels in love, and I’ve never recovered. This love pulled me away from my educational path – I was well on my way to becoming a college professor when the lightning bolt struck – and set me on a course which I was utterly, absolutely and unconditionally NOT prepared for in any practical way. I had no idea how to make money in this world, but making money became, I rapidly learned, the ultimate test of providing what my family needed.

My journal became my school, and my apprenticeship. It was my journal work that allowed me to survive and shockingly, I never lost my wife or family; shockingly, we are still together 30 years later, with five granddaughters, two additional sons and a rich life in every way. And yes, I am still head over heels in love, and no, I don’t feel that I’ve even yet arrived at the full ability to provide that I yet dream to attain. And yes, I do have such a dream and yes, I do struggle forward toward it each and every working day. And yes, my journal is still the place where my most necessary battles are fought. That’s the context. So…what changed recently? Again, two things:

First, here in this LinkedIn Discussion Group, I’ve been working since the beginning of the year, this year (2011), on a project entitled “Recruiting Rene”. The Rules that Rene Descartes left for us, both Published and Unpublished but saved for history by one of his greatest students, are the most important guidelines you will ever find. Having completed three quarters’ worth of the project, it dawned upon me that, if you wish to benefit from Rene’s Rules, you MUST be able to work on them in your own professional, daily journal. That epiphany was what led me to start this project.

Second, I was diagnosed with severe Type II Diabetes at the end of May, this year. It was that challenge that supercharged my lifelong journal work to levels I could never have previously imagined. In a word, I can’t claim that I am cured, yet. I don’t know if I ever will be. I can, though, claim that my problem is solved. No, not solved as in done, over, and I don’t have to think about it. Quite, quite the contrary. But, from the point of my diagnosis until now, here in October 2011, I can tell you that I now know how to handle the problem. I know how to handle it so well, in fact, that it is simply not a problem anymore. Rather, it is simply the new structure of my life.

Yes, you already realize, the single most important dedication I made – outside of my will to beat this thing – was to put my journal skills to work.

Now, won’t you simply join me immediately? That is, forget about me and focus on you. What tactical or strategic challenge do you face as a recruiter today, right now?

Write it down. That is the beginning of your daily recruiting journal.

[originally posted October 10, 2011 at my LinkedIn Discussion Group]

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  1. HI Pasquale!

    Great to read about your Journaling. As know, I’m a big advocate of J for traders.. and you’re comments here make me an even BIGGER advocate.

    Traders often tell me about positive changes in other-than-trading parts of their lives via their trade journaling… and that stems from the fact the journaling is a tool that effective looks inside yourself… and as you have so adeptly demonstrated, journaling can literally BE YOUR PARTNER in self-improvement. I’ll be keeping tabs on this ‘continuing series’. Keep up the good work, my friend, and stay healthy!

    Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

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