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Monthly Archives: January 2011

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 32 of a Continuing Series

We BUILD Know-How. It’s funny. Whenever I generate an analysis such as this one, and whenever I focus on any one element, I always feel that THIS element is the MOST important…until, that is, I focus on the next one! Right now, though, building know-how is absolutely the single most important element, really… Oh well, […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 13 of a Continuing Series

Have you ever heard of MIT’s Media Lab? When I lived in Boston, I used to drive by it sometimes, and I always imagined the ghost of Marshall McLuhan happily haunting that place. I bring it up for this reason. I once read a book about their work, and the thing that sticks in my […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 31 of a Continuing Series

I’m hoping for a bit of feedback today, gang. Have any of you had any time to check out any of the visual links I offered, for our four value creation functions? Personally, it kind of drives me crazy that LinkedIn doesn’t support visual work and that I have to resort to links. Hey, that […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 12 of a Continuing Series

Think back to our first point. We focused on glancing, which is to look. Seeing was the basic function, and it took place in your mind. Then, when we expanded our point with direction, to open up communication. We discussed speaking and listening, with the emphasis on hearing, and hearing with your heart, ultimately. Have […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 30 of a Continuing Series

Why is work so hard? Actually, we must recognize the fact that work really isn’t that hard for everyone. But, for some strange reason, people who find work easy never seem to be too interested in the services of a guy like me. So, I ask again, for those of us for whom it is, […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 11 of a Continuing Series

I’m a little bit afraid I’ll lose you over the plane and cube, in our coming exploration. They do start to get complex. Ah, but no matter how much you may, unlike our new friend Pal, hate geometry, surely you have to care about lines of communication. No one runs around talking about planes of […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 29 of a Continuing Series

Last week, Linda Taylor requested visual representations for our four elements on the value creation side of the equation. Here are my best efforts for the moment. I hope they offer you some real value! 1. Knowledge: Before I go visual, let me give you a very difficult quiz! What do the Latin words “Annuit […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 10 of a Continuing Series

Speaking of points… There is a place to begin, and it is with a question of faith and power. What faith do you have in your own powers? If your faith is weak, then you’ve surely missed the point, so far. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. But, it is also true! What power does a […]

What’s In It For Me (Meaning YOU!)?, Part 28 of a Continuing Series

Let’s confess, 8 points really is a lot. You may not realize it, but the moment you go past 7 – of anything – your mind holds less power to organize and retain the points. Allow me to pursue that for a bit, please. We know that many animals demonstrate number sense, by their ability […]

“Friends: It isn’t just business, it’s personal.” – Part 9 of a Continuing Series

It took me many years to discover one of the most important rights of my professional life, the right to be wrong. I must claim that right here, over what I’m about to present. The points I’m about to make may be completely wrong. I sincerely mean this. What’s more, if they are found to […]